StarandDaisy: Partners in the Beautiful Journey called 'Parenting'

Akshay Arya, Co-Founder

Akshay Arya


The Indian market for baby care solutions is anticipated to increase by $26.35 billion between 2021 and 2025, expanding at a CAGR of more than 11 percent throughout the fore cast period. The market is being pushed by a growth in the number of nuclear and single parent households, online availability of infant care items, and internet penetration. There has recently been a baby care startup boom owing to several factors that favor their growth. One major factor is the change in lifestyle and behavioral patterns among Indian parents. Indian mothers have traditionally turned to their family, friends, and pediatricians for guidance on how to care for their infants, which is changing as more nuclear families are replacing joint families. Founded in 2020, StarandDaisy has established itself with the whole hearted aim to aid parents in their journey of exceptional parenting by providing baby supplies and tools that will assist them in comfortably and relaxingly caring for their kids without any shoots of anxiety or chills of over whelmingness.

Rapid digitization and the rise in the e-commerce industry have led to rapid growth in the baby care startup ecosystem. The startups in the baby care segment are revolutionizing the way baby care is perceived today. Unlike earlier times, baby
care products have become an accessible commodity that can be procured with a single click on mobile phones. Since its inception, StarandDaisy's vision has been to dedicate itself wholeheartedly to assisting parents in their journey of exceptional parenting. In less than three years, they have achieved a revenue run rate of 100Cr they process over 3000 orders per day. "We have over 3L+ reviews online with best in class ratings and have almost 1M App downloads of StarandDaisy", says Akshay Arya, Co-Founder, StarandDaisy.

We envision to make parenting not a task but a beautiful journey to be lived in moments

StarandDaisy has over 350 products, including baby gear like strollers, prams, walkers, rockers, cribs, cradles, high chairs, bathtubs, maternity essentials, clothing and kids products, tricycles, cycles, battery rideons, educational toys, and more. We cater our products to a diverse clientele, including premium upmarket. All StarandDaisy products are developed keeping in mind Convenience, Comfort, and Safety for the baby and reducing efforts for the Parents. "Being the parents of our adorable sweetlings ourselves, we understand the universal requirements to help us shower our babies with secure love", speaks Akshay.

Believe in Delivering the Best
StarandDaisy has a workforce of over 75 individuals working towards becoming partners in the beautiful parenting journey by providing all the Baby stuff with the highest quality at affordable prices. The brand undergoes constant market research to analyze current market trends, availability of the demanded products, the scope of improving on the existing products, and deciding the best mechanism and technology they can use. From infancy to childhood, StarandDaisy understands what it takes for parents to grow their children under strict schedules of nourishment, well-being, and hygiene checks. They are selling their products on Amazon, Flipkart, Firstcry, and through the Brand's Website and App and have been awarded as Promising Brand Award 2021' by The Economic Times.

StarandDaisy focuses on developing its manufacturing facilities in India with a vision to provide the most innovative and latest products, `Made in India'. They are also proactively researching new product development and introducing new innovative products in the market. "We envision to make parenting not a task but a beautiful journey to be lived in moments” closes Akshay.