CloudQA: Solutions Made As Simple As White Cloud

Arun Kulkarni &  Sumant Mehta ,Co-FounderThe complex situations showing up while testing software as well as automating tests will resemble catching a fish. The ache adds on with the conventional testing tools, for which the out-of-box configuration is an alien. Cloud computing has opened up a new arena of opportunities even for software testing to make things easier for businesses. With a wide range of test coverage, CloudQA addresses out lier situations, end-to-end, in matter of days, the ability which sets them apart from the cosmic number of competitors.

Powerful & Cloudy Test Environment

The young company offers a cloud based online testing environment that even a business user can setup and run effectively, and helps reduce the feedback loops to the development team. “We have been involved with some fairly complex software re engineering projects for a few clients that involved taking traditional client server applications and moving them to the cloud based SaaS model with web interface. We
served them with high performance infrastructure with zero maintenance, which made direct impact on their ROI,” proclaims Arun Kulkarni, Co-Founder, CloudQA.

CloudQA addresses outlier situations, end-to-end, in matter of days, the ability which sets them apart from the cosmic number of competitors.

The encouragement of continuous integration & continuous deployment (CI/CD) processes in the CloudQA platform not only bestows an agile environment for the clients, but also eliminates testing as a bottleneck from the entire product development lifecycle. For instance, when the verification of changes to multiple instances and databases appeared a real nightmare, one of its online insurance clients used CloudQA Testing platform to automate its regression tests. With CloudQA online test automation platform, they were able to build test automation three times faster than programming with Selenium and reduce regression testing time by 85 percent.

Making it Easy-Peasy

CloudQA's Managed Testing Services (MTS) eliminates multiple hurdles associated with setting up an effective test environment. The cloud environment runs tests on multiple platforms & browsers calls
for no hardware or software to buy or manage. This easy-peasy environment not only makes it effortless to run tests, but also empowers you to say goodbye to infrastructure setup, patch management and the headaches associated with ensuring uptime of your test infrastructure. The free Chrome browser extension can create end-to-end functional tests, without writing a single line of code.

Looking Ahead

In early 2014, after setting up the goal to offer a unique online test automation solution that empowers companies to be agile and offer quality software quickly without having to spend too much time, resources or money, Arun and Sumant Mehta incorporated CloudQA in Hyderabad. Today, besides adopting the efficient cloud based SaaS model for delivering a complete functional testing solution, development practices owned by the company are extremely efficient. “We follow an agile methodology to deliver a testing solution that meets the ever increasing demands of the testing community in the shortest possible time,” adds Sumant.

“The cloud based QA/Testing is a huge market and we have realized that whatever solution you offer as a vendor has to be the best in its capabilities. We will continue to focus on testing enterprise Web based SaaS applications in the next couple of years,” Sumant affirms the future roadmap. In parallel, the blueprint for expansion of the same testing capabilities across mobile platforms is already born in CloudQA brains.