IISGL: Taking You to Cloud with Additional Benefits

Lavanya Viswanatham, Founder & CEO

Lavanya Viswanatham

Founder & CEO

One of the outrageous internet escapade of 2014 was when hackers breached into iCloud, one of the early adopters of cloud computing. Since the traffic was less, iCloud had neither deployed alert systems nor stronger two-factor authentication to combat breakings. The iCloud breach was no less than a strong lesson for the cloud providers, who then gear shifted to next level of vaults. The factors withholding people from cloud migration is not only security, but also lofty entry prices and other hidden costs. Upholding security as its prime concern and axis, IISGL is a perfect plug in for cloud computing, with its cost effective services for almost every vertical such as Migrations, Managed Cloud Services, IT Infrastructure, Analytics and IoT.

The Dependable Services

IISGL starts analyzing customers’ IT infrastructure from the moment they shake hands, and it prescribes them strategies to diminish cost well before enquiring the exigencies. As a rebellion to the cloud computing subscription customs (hidden costs
for tools in private clouds), it provides every tool within the package free of cost. “As a part of our Managed Services Program, once customer is signed up, we provide them a dashboard- containing each & every tool they require. You don’t have to buy another subscription, we provide them free of cost,” proclaims Lavanya Viswanatham, Founder & CEO, IISGL. The strong IISGL cloud computing team brings in a total of 85 years of experience, which helps the company in big time for cost optimizing its services. This backbone empowers the company to provide monitoring solutions and managed or shared services free of cost, regardless of the number of servers.

IISGL starts analyzing customers’ IT infrastructure from the moment they shake hands, and it prescribes them strategies to diminish cost.

Say Hello to Uncompromised Vaults

The Indian organizations that were sticking on the trust & security issues with the cloud adoption, has now started lacing up their shoes with the modern era’s multi-layered security assurances. Thus, the migration of unsupported-servers (old ones) based legacy applications, which has been the axis of the heritage customers for ages, has risen as one of the major hurdles for the cloud computing
providers to succeed. IISGL addresses this pain-point with its expertly built free assessment program, which not only scrutinizes the possibilities of migration, but also redesigns it with the interest of the customer. “We have resources on every application, whether it is Microsoft workshop, Linux or any other competitive platform. That makes the difference,” affirms Lavanya.

Product Gallery

Within seven months of its inception, IISGL has commenced operating hand-in-hand with public and private cloud giants (AWS and Microsoft). Today the organization proficiently escorts SMEs to its Private as well as ‘Dedicated’ cloud platforms, as they’ve helped their 60 customers till now, with its comprehensive & cost-effective service packages and cutting-edge solutions.

The company has recently built an online medical analytics platform for one of its clients, who entailed a solution for their consumer ecosystem to scrap about the drugs, and thus establish the whole review of a particular drug to everyone. The outcome was not only picture perfect, but also pretty friendly with client’s wallet. The masterpiece subscription based solutions tailored by the well trained & certified workforce of the company include NearBuz- the professional freelancer hiring system, Mimx -the guiding platform from college to profession, Rupai- the payment gateway and Miswoo- the unique e-Commerce platform which helps Indian SME entrepreneurs to upload and sell their products in other parts of the globe.