TurtleDove Technologies: Reap the Best of Both Data Center & Cloud World

Felix Thattil,Director & CIO

Felix Thattil

Director & CIO

There are data center service providers, there are cloud service providers and then there are gems of the rare breed like TurtleDove Technologies, a Mumbai-based technology services startup that provides businesses best of both worlds. Founded in 2014 by technology visionaries – Felix Thattil (Founder & CIO) and Biju Abraham (Founder & COO), TurtleDove has been filling flesh to its vision of ensuring efficient interactions, trustworthy computing and innovative functionality through its Data center-as-a-service, a hybrid model that proffers a finest blend of cloud services as well as full range data center. Powered by watertight infrastructure, this ISO 9001:2003 & ISO 27001:2013 certified organization hosts high-end services either in its own facilities or at client’s premises that are managed centrally.

TurtleDove’s OPDC service controls effectively aid proactive monitoring & management, integrated cabinet DC, integrated row DC and dual row DC. And its high density data center entitles customers to choose from the caged areas and secured model
of 24 racks and sub-racks, with
each rack delivering 15KW power density. TurtleDove also gives the perks of an additional office area for support personnel, operational area for central command center, customer seating area and general amenities.

Turtle Dove’s OPDC service controls effectively aid proactive monitoring & management, integrated cabinet DC, integrated row DC and dual row DC.

If an application runs on a single server and is database back-end independent, we upload the application with an appropriately sized server, which eases the whole task of seamlessly migrating applications to cloud. This process is further authenticated through our Active Directory or other authentication mechanisms,” explains Felix. Breaking the boundaries of possibilities, TurtleDove’s cloud enabled system framework helps companies to deploy their enterprise applications so as to gel well with both private and public cloud infrastructure. Reflecting the finest blend of technologies from industry tycoons, the solutions give a flexible adaptability to replicate, run or integrate any existing enterprise applications or hardware, while also delivering guaranteed performances – same as a physical server, yet twice the public cloud model.
Customers can add or shrink workloads whenever required. Thanks to the backed load balancers and other seamless capacities that constantly ensure the continuous workflow of computing, storage, memory and network. Likewise, the experts are also quicker to enable disaster recovery, as they are equipped with sufficient additional solutions and back-up on demand scalability. In addition, the company also provides back up, free trial, 24*7 support and above all, advanced security that is enabled by security analyzers, unified threat management system and cutting-edge tools like Symantec, all at affordable price.

The Genius

Underlying such craftsmanship stands its robust team of 24 committed & customer-oriented professionals and the corporate, yet open work culture that push them to ‘Ideate. Integrate. Collaborate’. With continuous improvement and quick learning at its helm, the company encourages employees to hone their technologies through programs and external seminars, which in turn help them to proffer the best. Driven by these perks, the 2-year young startup has already emerged into an entity which boasts of 163+ happy customers including corporates as well as SMEs. IndentNow, GoEx, ArcFashion, Autnex and USAMagnum are few such names that leverage TurtleDove’s genius offerings. Owing to this raising excellence, the company is also a part of Microsoft Bizspark Startup India Program. The startup plans to go big in the coming days through global expansion soon.