Caterpoint: Delivering Handcrafted Comfort Food

Anshu Raj, Founder

Anshu Raj


Caterspoint is the brainchild of Anshu Raj, a passionate chef and an avid entrepreneur who comes with robust experience in the foodtech landscape. His association with topnotch brands like Oberoi & ITC encouraged him to foster a different dimension to the Indian food industry by catering handcrafted food to corporate companies and common people. His exposure to FRSH as Chief Operation Officer opened gates for various opportunities and aided him to gain a fair comprehension on the market. On a bigger vision, to establish a better system that caters best quality food, he came forth with Caterspoint in the year 2016. The company has exerted ample efforts in bringing innovative modules to overcome the menace in the industry and has never compromised on quality. It has marked standard and has taken over a reputed position in the food market. Today, it is positioned as a trusted platform that serves tasty and hygienic food to B2B and B2C models.

The Path Travelled

Caterspoint Loves Challenges! The never ending head to head competition in the market is one of the major challenges any startup face throughout. “People judge this sector to be deceiving! Diminishing this misconception on food delivery and building trust were some of the challenges we encountered at the start. However, our commitment and dedication has helped us to carve a niche in the market,” asserts Anshu. The team has constantly strived to deliver the best. However, Zomato supported us in few aspects and transformed as an efficient startup,” he informs.

In 2018, the company launched Saladspoint to promote healthy and premium meals to the clients. It offers extremely nutritious yet tasty food which attracts health conscious clients. Since then, it has witnessed tremendous growth; from one brand it turned two and now it endeavours to grow more in the future.

The Team & Work Culture

Caterspoint began its journey with a small team of 6-7 people. Their hardwork and aspiration to reach greater apex in the market massively amended the company’s stature. Currently, Caterspoint is functional in Gurgaon, Dwaraka, Malviya Nagar, Sohna Road and some cities of Delhi with around 100 member troops on the ground. The
dedicated team on the whole shares responsibility of making decision on any regards of their products and services.

Caterspoint is currently dealing with corporate clients, b2b and b2c and it is actively involved in the highlevel supply chain

Caterpoints’ open work culture accepts every opinions and suggestions proposed by the team. The company puts forth leadership as a key to success. As the proficient squad encompasses experts in specific fields, each one guides and assists the rest to get hold on every modules of the company. “We are a crew of young and dynamic professionals who consistently cherish innovative ideas to drive the business into excellence. We do not believe in the hierarchy within the organization. Friendly and positive attitude is maintained across the company; together as a family we strive for success,” he exclaims.

Their trailblazing ideas have no limits! Apart from delivering regular menus the company provides exotic salads and custom made sandwiches, low fat snacks and many other appetizing dishes. To highlight the unique products, Caterspoint presents different variants of Sabudana which is one of its own. Anshu merrily asserts, “People love our products, having regular customer base is something great and we have achieved it.”

The Road Ahead

Caterspoint is currently dealing with Corporate Clients, B2B and B2C and it is actively involved in the highlevel supply chain. Anshu Raj states, "We are on the verge of capturing much more in the World of Corporates. Various industries are providing huge scope and opportunities to foodtech space and Caterspoint is trying to expand itself by offering service to all the thriving industries. Also, we would be inaugurating The Dessert Point which will deliver exciting delicacies and tempting desserts.” Along with the new module the company has bigger plans to extend its geographical presence to Delhi NCR in the upcoming months. The entire concept of The Dessert Point is to carry off the second thought on having sweets. It’s a perfect spot to relish the meal.

The company offers exclusive and diversified recipes made of fresh and natural ingredients. The trick of the scale is, the personalized touch with welcome cards, handmade notes, occasion recalls with every order. Professionally trained staffs & premium packaging that renders comfortable experience are the factors that are scaling up Caterspoint as a unique startup. “Caterspoint believes in creating memories by delivering the best and giving the experience of a lifetime. We would let all our clients know that we are grateful for supporting us throughout the journey. Trust and faith we earned are our biggest achievements,” he concludes.