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  • 10 Best Startups in Foodtech - 2019

    The food industry has gained a massive transformation with the ingression of technology. This evolution from choosing dishes in the menu to customizing the food to our preference is remarkable. Advancement in the Indian food industry is getting exciting each day. A lot of actions are taking place in the sector and of course, the food-tech startups since when the 30minutes pizza delivery had set up a benchmark for the peak point of consumer’s patience. The competitive world and busy schedule has absolutely increased the need for things to be instant and easy. The busy life and few essential needs have brought the food-tech startups in the limelight.  While food-tech startups are raising significantly major fund for the economy they are also concerned to provide healthy,...

10 Best Startups in Foodtech - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Fingerlix Fingerlix Shripad Nadkarni, Founder On-demand service provider of semicooked and ready to eat food
FoodyPoint FoodyPoint Faruq Shaik , Co-Founder Leading food delivery platform that lets customers choose from a number of delectable options
Frsh Frsh Badal Goel, Founder By delivering freshly-prepared sandwiches, salds, and beverages
HungerBay HungerBay Shamsh Ahsan & Abhishek Krishna, Co-Founders An exclusive delivery platform that ships food, groceries and other products at your door step
HungerBox HungerBox Sandipan Mitra, Co-Founder, Uttam Kumar, CEO Office focused food delivery service backed by technological features like Pre-Ordering and Cafetaria Density Tracking
Inner Chef Inner Chef Rajesh Sawhney, CEO & Co-founder Offers different culinary experiences at your doorstep by providing a balance of cuisines of authentic Europe and flavorful Asia
JugaadJn JugaadJn Ankit Bajaj, Co-founder Providing customers with delicious authentic Indian cuisine made with finest ingredients
NYC.PIE Pizza NYC.PIE Pizza Raj Rao, Founder A Pizzeria boutique serving classic and gourmet New York styled thincrust pizzas
Pohewala Pohewala Chahul Balpande, Founder An online food delivery platform that delivers authetntic and delicious poha