Neoniche Integrated Solutions: Helping Brands Create Seamless End - to - End Experiences

 Prateek N Kumar,  CEO & MDThey say the customer is the king. Every business online or offline asserts to be committed to rendering customer satisfaction. In today’s marketing world where the customer is the reason why any business survives, it is critical to satisfy their needs and keep them delightful. In the digital age, brands want to interact with their consumers directly in fact, instil their brand's identity in their minds. To do that, they resort to unimaginable strategies and techniques to create dynamic brand impressions. One of the most efficient marketing tactics to communicate deeply with consumers is by creating unique experiences via experiential marketing. Unlike traditional marketing, experiential marketing aims to address as many senses as possible to evoke an emotional brand connect that can drive the consumers’purchase decision.

NeoNiche Integrated Solutions is a fastgrowing experiential marketing company in Mumbai. The company helps brands create a seamless end-to-end experience for their audience and deliver immersive experiences that lead to unforgettable memories. Starting as an event management company in Mumbai in 2011 it quickly started focusing on developing its event planning and experiential marketing solutions in Mumbai before branching out to offices in Bengaluru, Chennai, Gurugram and New Delhi.

“When we started in 2011, the event industry was highly unorganized demand was high but compensation was poor. We decided to keep a people centric approach and wished to change the way the industry practices prevailed. However, we quickly realized that to curate a thoroughly remarkable event, we needed to focus on customer experience. With a strong focus on providing greater value to our clients, we expanded our capabilities to include integrated marketing, technical solutions and M.I.C.E. events to ensure truly holistic solutions. Delving into the intricacies of customer journeys also helped differentiates us and gives us a competitive edge over other event companies in Mumbai and across India,” says Prateek N.Kumar, Founder & CEO.

Growing up in a small town of Bihar in a humble middle class family of doctors and engineers, Prateek always aspired to do something offbeat. He in due course took up hotel management and worked with the Taj Group. Soon, his passion for events was brought to light. It was this time when he made up his mind to take up a job with a startup company. “I remember my remuneration was less than my monthly expenses but I understood the value of learning the nuances of the industry. Post that, I shifted to Showbizz where I worked for around eight years. I was determined and envisaged starting my venture someday,” recalls Prateek.

Prateek thought big, started small and learnt fast. “In the beginning, I remember we worked out of a basement, borrowed my wife’s laptop for preparing my first pitch presentation. With almost no support and meagre resources, we somehow managed to get our first client,” he says. The next challenge was reaching out to the clients and building trust in the industry which he conquered with hard work and commitment. Since then, there was no looking back.

For the next stage of expanding the company it was very essential to build a great team. Prateek was fortunate to meet and bring onboard a team of partners who were in sync with the company's vision and mission and played an integral part of NeoNiche since its inception. “With a goal and a team in place, we shared a common vision to be the fastest growing innovative experiential marketing company with a strong focus on our customers and how to add value to them as
an integrated solutions provider. Today we have achieved our goal by keeping our focus on best people practices and pioneering the way things are done in the event industry,” he informs.

As a young and a highly innovative organization, NeoNiche ensures implementing global best business and design practices to be on the cutting edge of technology. The team utilizes various hardware and software solutions to improve employee productivity and engagement. “Currently, we are using blockchain technology for the mapping of our talent. The data received from this performance management tool helps us in planning the career and growth path of our team members in the long run,” he asserts. At the management level the company has its own proprietary tool to bring in data intelligence and to do a competitor analysis. Additionally, the team is making efforts to bring in machine learning for better planning and decision making.

As a young and a highly innovative organization, neoniche ensures implementing global best business and design practices to be on the cutting edge of technology

Moving Towards a Bright Future
Appreciating the good and enduring the bad, Prateek and his team have managed to register a 100 percent year on year growth with NeoNiche in first three years itself. Since then, it has been able to achieve 45 per cent year on year growth. NeoNiche has carved a niche and is known to be one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry. What gives the company an edge over other competitors is its focus on customer excellence. “Maximizing our customers’ ROI is of utmost importance to us whereby we work on a costplus profit model with them. Also as a value addition, we leverage their network help them in getting the right sponsors and partners, ensure the right audience is attending their event and back all this with data intelligence,” he mentions.

In the coming years, the NeoNiche team envisions being the most respected experiential marketing company in terms of People Practices, Customer Excellence and Revenues in India. Moving forward they want to be recognized as a successful player in the APAC region amongst other companies within the industry.

Prateek N Kumar, CEO & MD
His first successful 'campaign' was back in the 7th standard for his ‘client’, a friend running a fire cracker stall during Diwali. Their full return on investment was a staggering 800 percent. It has been almost 25 years to the day and the young boy's enthusiasm, passion and entrepreneurial bugs have only been biting harder.

After starting his career in hospitality and hotel management, he actively participated in the growth stories of several startup event agencies. This gave him tremendous on-ground exposure and hands-on learning. With a dream of creating an agency that would be loved by every stakeholder client, vendor, partner and employee alike – was NeoNiche born.

Idea driven, Innovation focused and Insightful, these core qualities became the DNA and driving force of the organization.Breaking the mould and challenging the status quo is a daily ritual at NeoNiche. With his head in the skies and feet firmly on the ground, Prateek is as Prateek does. Driven by passion, his versatility and adaptability, people skills and big picture view-point make him the leader that he is. His greatest strength is the ability to pick the right person for the right job, create self-sustaining and profitable ventures and then stepping aside to let the new leaders take the baton.

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Case Study
We at NeoNiche always believe in taking up projects which would help us become pioneers and make us exert and bring out the best. Recently we worked on executing a project for one of the largest cloud computing company. Mumbai does not have a large convention centre to accommodate 10,000 plus people, so we converted a shed to host India’s largest silent conference. The entire event was segmented where attendees could walk around and hear sessions by switching the channel on their headset.

To execute an event of such a large scale requiredleveraging technology to the maximum. Right from the start of the event we automated processes like registration where the process took only 15 seconds which is 200 per cent decrease in time as compared to a regular registration process. The entire event was seamlessly executed with the use of technology at various touch points to provide complete customer satisfaction.