Statfinity: Driving Business Growth Bandwagon With A Robust Data-Backed Technology Solutions

 Shantanu Jain,   CEOData is becoming the most vital fuel for every given business's growth. As businesses expand, so does the demand for technologies that can boost productivity and efficiency. As numerous firms are leveraging technologies, there has been a substantial increase in the pool of data. And, as data volumes expand by the day, smart data handling tools and platforms contribute significantly to corporate growth.

This is where Statfinity has been on a mission of providing scalable, state-of-the-art, and insightful solutions to real world business problems using the power of data and using the most powerful technologies for data science and analytics for enhanced decision making. Data Science & Analytics, Business Intelligence & Data Visualisation, Mobile App Analytics, ETL Services, and Machine Learning are among the company's primary service areas. The team consists of ten members who are alumni of IITs and NITs, as well as former data analysts from well-known software firms.

“We help client’s setup their automated data reporting infrastructure from scratch using state-of-the-art cloud platforms like Google Cloud Platform and automate the decision making process by providing live and interactive dashboards with key performance indicators customized to meet the client’s business needs. The time to make decisions is reduced drastically with highly automated
& scalable infrastructure in our team setups,” says Shantanu Jain, CEO at Statfinity.

“We also assist clients in testing and improving their product features by evaluating real time user behavior data and doing A/B testing on them to determine what people like and dislike with high statistical significance,” he adds.

Making Clients Highly Data driven Organizations
Every firm, no matter how large or small, must make decisions every day in order to stay ahead of the competition, and these decisions can have very high stakes at times. Statfinity is on a mission to transform its clients' businesses into datadriven organisations where decisions are based on hard facts and figures rather than emotions. Statfinity has previously worked with companies in a variety of industries, including E-Commerce, Clean Energy, Digital Marketing, AdTech, Finance & Accounting, Entertainment and OTT Platforms, Automotive Consultants, Mobile Gaming, and others. The company has successfully delivered solutions ranging from ad hoc data analysis and visualization to building up automated reporting infrastructure, developing machine learning solutions, A/B testing, survey analysis, and other business difficulties. Statfinity has served over 60 clients globally in just one year of operation.

We help client’s setup their automated data reporting infrastructure from scratch using stateof-the-art cloud platforms

Statfinity’s Mobile & Web App Analytics division is one of the most important spaces of innovation in the company, wherein, it uses Firebase and BigQuery. “We help the clients connect their mobile apps with Firebase SDKs and map any action a user can perform on the app with specific signals called "events" in tech jargon which are recorded by Firebase and transferred to BigQuery data warehouse in real time. We leverage this user activity data to generate not just standard KPIs like engagement time, number of sessions, installed and removed users, etc., but also retention rates, click through rates, and the app's Aha moment! All this TBs of user behavior data is delivered to your finger tips via sleek and automated visuals” highlights Shantanu.

Statfinity envisions broad vertical integration in the data lifecycle, such as establishing data tracking and gathering capabilities from each and every interaction of a user on a website or app using modern tools such as Tag Manager. In addition, the company intends to forego the use of third party ETL technologies in favour of performing data extraction inhouse.