StatsMetrika: Promoting Creative Enterprise Solutions for Better Business Prospects

Gourav Chouhan,FounderThere is a dizzying amount of valuable data in the world, but few companies are using it to maximum effect. Analytics drive business by showing how the customers think, what they want, and how the market views the brand under consideration. Hence, in the present times of Digital Transformation, almost everything can be measured. Businesses face challenges when it comes down to measuring these parameters for appropriate actions. Bangalore headquartered StatsMetrika, understands this and comes up with strong technical innovations with experienced technical teams to resolve the difficulties a business is facing. After making efforts for 8 years and acquiring experience from large firms, StatsMetrika Services Private Limited was established in June 2015 by an alumnus from IIT Kharagpur, Gaurav Chauhan.

Code Development, Audit Checklist with respect to TLGOs and Project under development are more often done manually in Pharmaceutical industry. Situations comprising hundreds of objects, which have to
undergo Development, Validation (Rule A or Rule B), Peer Review and Statistical Review; become time consuming and tedious with chances of missing out on audit checklist. StatsMetrika’s ‘QMetrika’ is a centralized Quality Management tool that helps not only to systematically develop the code, but also to perform complete project management with respect to client, project, PDVT, employee and various role definitions.

Business environment is getting complex and competitive. Moreover, big data volume is adding up to the pressure. At StatsMetrika, the aim is to assist businesses with smarter and stronger analytical solutions that make use of core statistics and effective analytical methods along with business intelligence in delivering unique business solutions.

The company mainly focuses into pharmaceutical industry with bio-statistical and programming services to clinical research across all four phases of Clinical Trial

All inclusive approach

Along with complementary skills, the company uses a 360-degree methodology combined with both primary & secondary researches, combined with social media. The focus is at offering insights of a
business with the support of a dedicated analysis team who help in formulating customized marketing strategies to: enhance marketing ROI (Return on Investment), enhance operational efficiencies, evaluate & alleviate the risk and take careful financial decisions. Segmentation, acquisition, loyalty management/contact strategy and attrition/churn are the key factors of StatsMetrika’s offering in Customer Analytics. “Currently, a small team with a mix of Biostatistician, SAS Analyst, Coding and Research Background, Stats Metrika timely takes consultancy from third views wherever needed to help giving quality services”, says Gaurav. The company mainly focuses into pharmaceutical industry with bio-statistical and programming services to clinical research across all four phases of Clinical Trial.

StatsMetrika’s analytics consulting services enable clients to draw real time insights of every decision making, process and action. The company’s analytical services help in - designing and implementing custom business infrastructure and strategy, extending enterprise performance management, business intelligence and predictive capabilities. It also assists in attaining rapid time for valuing with seamless software deployment, migration & upgrades, and metrics for driving continuous performance improvements. With its own purchased license of SAS tool and a strong vision to reach every corner of applied industry, StatsMetrika is inclined to strive to excel in their services, rather just follow conventional ways to finish fast.