StoryMirror: A 'Creative Ecosystem' where Ingenious Minds can Thrive

Bibhu Datta Rout ,Co-FoundersAn American writer, Maya Angelou once said, ‘There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you’. It cannot be denied that there are many untold stories buried inside several creative minds among us just because they didn’t get a platform to express them. In India, one writer’s creative expression is imprisoned by ‘n’ number of factors the trouble in getting a publisher, lack of transparency in royalty paid and inadequate editing support to name a few. Story Mirror is a team of 'creators' with a literary vision who want to offer a platform to write those untold stories that everyone carries within.

With a mission to make a difference in the prevailing publishing industry, the online portal, StoryMirror offers a chance to unknown writers and artists to showcase their creativity and revolutionises the publishing industry by bringing transparency, protecting rights and helping the community to reach as many people as possible with ease. Bibhu Datta Rout, CEO and Co-Founder of StoryMirror says, “Today, even renowned writers don’t know how many copies of their books are sold in the market (physical books and ebooks have same story). But from StoryMirror platform readers can expect quality content, writers can
expect the fulfilment of creative justice and investors can witness the 20 percent growth of their multifold investment in billion dollar market. In simple words, at the end everyone will get their share of profit.”

Startup journey is no bed of roses, and StoryMirror is no exception. As a budding startup in publishing sector, only few talented writers were ready to trust StoryMirror initially to share their artistic works. The firm also struggled to arrange distributors for printed books and e-commerce platforms for digital version. Less bothered about the struggles, StoryMirror carried out its efforts forward - built a strong team, made some in-house works, tied up with over thousand stores and distributors, and conveyed their thoughts to maximum people in the creative community through various mini events. Team Story Mirror’s efforts have really paid off, and today, the firm has evolved to be the World’s first ‘Creative Ecosystem’ which proudly possesses Sahitya Academy Award winning books of over 10 authors, National Best Seller books of above 12 authors and more than 150 printed books in five languages.

Devendra Vishal Jaiswal,Co-Founder

Elaborating on the unique benefits of the platform Bibhu Datta speaks, “All the content is edited-that means more than 300,000 pages of online
contents and over five million pages of offline contents are edited, which is a huge achievement for a small team like ours. We don’t differentiate between big and small writers. Author name is unrevealed to our editors to ensure the fairness in the content editing. Unlike the social media networks, we take utmost care for plagiarised content and take due diligence to get it removed. In a start-up ecosystem where founders are busy churning investor’s money on copycat ideas from west, our goal is to provide real solution to real problem. We provide end to end solution for writers - grooming, editing, designing, distributing and sharing. Our books have been launched by great personalities like Amitabh Bachhan, Subhash Ghai and Tom Alter to name a few.”

On their online portal, StoryMirror has 14,000 writers and 100,000 stories and poems in six languages along with over 3 million readers. In terms of revenue, the firm has been maintaining more than 20 percent growth quarter on quarter and this is one-of-its-kind Creative Ecosystem that conducts many free courses on Fiction writing, storytelling, poetry on multiple languages.“Our vision is to create ‘7 Billion People, 7 Billion Stories and One Single Platform’. Looking ahead, we have built our audio platforms, produced two short movies and we have plans to take further steps in that area along with existing product lines. Some of our upcoming products include targeting tore shape Bollywood and TV industry in future; they are innovative and we don’t have competition there,” Bibhu Datta concludes.