Strings Supply Chain: Making the World a Smaller Place for the Customers through Quality Deliverables

Kochat Narendran,Director2020 was unpredictable and a challenging year for humanity. Though a most disruptive year, 2020 advanced existing trends in shipping and logistics. Most importantly, the pandemic accelerated the shift from physical shopping to eCommerce by five years. Last year, customers found them-selves shopping online with greater frequency. Today, a growing number of people opt to shop online rather than in person. As lockdowns persist, habits are cementing around digital commerce. Unsurprisingly, shipping and logistics remain in flux after last year's upheaval. In 2021, the industry is further recalibrating around eCommerce.

Strings Supply Chain is a Bangalore-based store network for facilitation of various logistics services like deliveries and returns of E-commerce shipments operating as PU-DOs - Pick up and Drop Off centres for customers to receive and leave parcels in any kind of designated area, Domestic and International Shipping Services, Relocations, and a host of Value addition for the customers' convenience. The firm was established in 2020 by Kochat Narendran, an accomplished management professional with more than 35 years of distinguished services in varied fields of Strategy & Planning, Business Development, Finance, Sales & Marketing, and International & Domestic trading.

Further, the driving force and the pillar of the firm are Srikanth Rao and Anuj Gaur. Srikanth
Rao, director at String Supply Chain is an industry specialist with 30+ years of experience in managing 3 PL & Express Distribution Networks across India and the Middle East. His expertise is unmatched in the sphere of Logistics ­ Planning & Development, in and around emerging markets. Anuj Gaur, COO at String Supply Chain is an articulate consensus-building Team Leader. He is a vibrant performance-driven professional with 25+ years of experience in delivering sustained revenue and profit in diverse fields ranging from Exports, Pharmaceuticals to the Express Distribution Industry.

String Supply Chain provides its services in the B2C space, which enables it to bridge the gap between Business and End Consumer. The firm is a one-stop-shop outlet with logistics being the primary engine. The Logistics Convenience store of the firm eliminates dependency on Delivery boys and brings about the convenience of booking & picking up shipments for end-users at their doorstep as per their convenience. The store becomes an outlet for many brands to show-case services and also becomes a part of their Network which can be used by end-users within an industrial township, gated community/college campuses. The firm is an Authorized Delivery Partners with Flipkart for the Last Mile Deliveries under their Kirana Model and is authorized FASC Partner to Fedex, a reputed International Company which is into Express and Logistics Business.

Further, as value-added services, the company offers a tech-enabled app, which allows end-users to book shipments or services to which it caters. It provides packaging, medical shipments deliveries, grocery deliveries, and also manages return shipments of E-com companies, to name a few. Also, the company offers seamless deliveries across the globe through independent agent networks, which gives greater flexibility to choose the most reliable and cost-effective way of shipping time-critical consignments. The company operates international freight services through the best available networks, providing the criticality to freight shipments that they truly deserve, from pickup, documentation, clearances, connection, dispatch to timely delivery at the destination port.

In the absence of proper equipment, the problem of relocating and moving furniture or machinery can be very challenging and extremely hectic. String Supply Chain provides Relocation services for the customers facing problems in shifting home or office. Through its associate 'Pikkol', the firm ensures a time-definite, safe, and hassle-free end-to-end transfer of the goods at a very competitive tariff. Strings are already providing Alteration services for an e-commerce giant that deals in apparel. And as Strings moves ahead, it is committed to making life easy for all and strives to continue adding other facilities to the existing convenience stores.