StyFi: Seamless Shopping Experience across Digital and Physical Stores

Himanshu Sarda ,Co-Founder

Himanshu Sarda


The eCommerce market in India had seen an unprecedented growth during the period of 2012-2014. Despite the gigantic rise in the digital sector, re-engaging retail customers was quite the challenge. It changed with the entry of homegrown players such as Flipkart and Snapdeal. The essence of e-retailing itself has the ability to transcend physical boundaries and reach customers in a manner different from the traditional brick-and-mortar stores. StyFi, a Mumbai based firm, identified the potential of the growing market. Fostered by technological advancements, they decided to take a plunge into the online retail space. StyFi’s goal is to design a shopping experience which seamlessly integrates digital and physical stores and unbind the umpteen opportunities lying in the retail sector.

The Journey of StyFi

Co-Founded by Himanshu Sarda & Ajay Prabhu,StyFi emerged with the intent to bridge the gap between offline & online shopping

StyFi strives to create an outstanding shopping ecosystem that lets its users to discover fashion experience like never before

in a streamlined manner to give the brands a chance to engage with its customers, the company inculcates the brand’s identity in the user’s mind and aids them to retrieve their lost customers. A large section of the millennials and baby boomers reside in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Since the number of malls and high streets are limited, they lack experiential contact with commodities Himanshu says, “We are focused on helping consumers with products, based on their necessities and aspirations. By integrating products from online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores onto one platform we want to be the best in the retail space and make a strong presence in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities.” StyFi offers services that revolve around the combination of fashion & technology and seeks to understand the demands of customers based on their shopping patterns. Capacitating shopping through hand-picked fashion, interest based personalisation, artificial intelligence and real-time analytics, StyFi focuses on creating an ecosystem that lets its users experience fashion like never before.“Through our
technology we aid to provide an
exceptional online shopping experience with endless aisles that drives them to shop fresh fashion and saves time,” avers Ajay.

Claiming aggregation of online & offline stores as its ‘hero feature’, StyFi handpicks the best products from small, mid & large brands and puts them into key prospects. With a unique app that acts as a one stop shop, StyFi believes that anyone who walks into a mall with a smartphone is its audience.

Diversifying fashion segments through improvising content, design, navigation and development it wants to position itself as a niche platform amongst a tight pack of retail players.

Transitions to become Techno-Centric in Fashion Industry

Established in 2015, with a team of 30 and operations limited to Mumbai, StyFi aims to acquire Tier 1 & Tier 2 city markets. Seeking to make StyFi a unified platform through usage of traditional and digital media, the company develops a fundamental framework for automation & aggregation to erase the hassle of manual labour. “We want to incorporate major technological advances such as AR & VR in fashion industry. Scaling being our top priority we want to upgrade our recommendation engine and personalisation hallmark and expand our business to other metros as well as on an international level,” concludes Himanshu.