Success Booster: Strategic IT Recruitment Firm

Rahoul Ssonawane,  CEO & Founder

Rahoul Ssonawane

CEO & Founder

Brought into being by a doyen of the recruitment industry Rahoul Ssonawane Success Booster’s grail is to transform businesses and careers by strategic staffing and recruitment solution. It acts as a charioteer for the candidates who wish to be associated with the best concerns in the ecosystem and live a profession of their dream. It also is works as a positive catalyst to clients business by helping them close critical positions and making a positive impact to the business. It makes solemn attempts to envisage the unique talents of each individual and be a part a part of their incredible journey, from their nascent stage to success. The company’s main focus lies on solving the recruitments issues particularly of the IT Sector.

To provide the best and unique services, the company observes an idio syncratic approach in order to cater the needs of its clients. Its recruitment procedures are represented under three categories namely An Analytical Evaluation Process, Account Management Model and Nurturing Lives Around us. Through these, the company enables profile screening, involves the senior most consultants to analyse the profile and carry it forward to specialist resources, and construct teams based on the essentials of its clients. Success Booster also observes an out-of-the-box strategic IT recruitment consulting technique which it conforms to as Expertise in Lateral Hiring, The Akbar Birbal Correlation and the procedure that

can pin down the flaws in the participation.

The striking fact about the company is that it mostly comprises of female employees. There are a total of 23 female employees in a team of 24 people. Also, it sponsors living and education of nine tribal girl children. In an era where women empowerment ideology is making the rounds, Success Booster poses as an ideal exemplar.

In the last three years, the company has been able to develop the domain expertise in understanding the needs and requirements of the growing product development companies. It makes its moves based on the exigencies that empower it to make the best selection in terms of candidates and serve all sorts of companies.“Our basic motive is to meet the recruitment requirement of the organization. We intend to help them with resources that will be a part of their expeditions towards accomplishments,” he adds.

It acts as a charioteer for the candidates who wish to be associated with the best concerns in the ecosystem and live a profession of their dream

The Emergence
Recruitment has been a domain that employs ideas and efforts to hand-pick talents and gets them appointed in organizations that are need of such talents. It is the endeavour undertaken by analysts who bridge the gap between the employee and the employers. A perfect and successful recruitment endeavour is a proof of legitimacy and professionalism of every firm. Observing the kind of significance this sector Rahoul decided to launch a recruitment company of his own where he can implement the ethics and teachings to introduce a different approach or dimension to this industry altogether. “It is without any doubt a noble profession that cares to comply with the core business requirements. I wanted to make use of these facilities and help people with their objective of bagging the best job in the best organization and vice-versa,” he narrates.

The company initially launched itself as a lateral hiring recruitment firm which basically took care of the junior and mid management needs. In such a short duration, it has been able to close 1 CIO and two Technology Directors roles. Over the years Success Booster has perceived success for itself and its clients. Started about with just the support of one man, this recruitment firm has a team of 24 people. It aims to maintain and enhance its services and extends its offerings to people across the nation.