Sujit Paul: Steering People Towards Successful Life Goals

 Sujit Paul,  Personal Coach & Mentor

Sujit Paul

Personal Coach & Mentor

As children, teenagers, or adults, we all tend to harbour grandiose life goals. Some want a dream job, some aspire to start a cool business. However, as we get older, life tends to undermine our ambition. It's extremely difficult to get back into a positive mindset, especially when most people around us are content with an ordinary life. Fortunately, a life coach has the skills to transform our mindset, supercharge our self-belief and have us charging toward our goals with unstoppable acceleration. Sujit Paul is one such seasoned coach with a proven track record of 17 years in this area. He has worked closely with impoverished rural residents with extremely low monthly incomes since he was a young child.

Sujit Paul started 17 years ago, not as a platform for counselling or mentoring, but as a place where he used to provide microfinance services to families who couldn't support themselves and completely assist them in setting up their modest ventures. And as Sujit continued the journey, by default, a lot of counselling used to go to them as he used to work very closely with these people. “Sujitpaul is a completely bootstrapped platform, and I contributed 65-70 percent of my salary to it as a working professional. I continued on this mentoring journey, and more people came as a result of word of mouth and began to benefit”, adds Sujit Paul.

Assisting Individuals & Businesses Achieve Exceptional Goals
Sujit Paul offers psychological counselling, and mental counselling, and has now forayed into organization elevation programs. Sujit has had his stint in organizations like Apollo hospital, Columbia Asia Hospitals, & Reliance, and is currently the group CEO of Zota Healthcare. He has grown from a junior position in his career working the way up to the position of group CEO. Since Sujit himself has been part of organizations, he has been able to render successful results for the organization and help them to scale up and thrive in the industry.

Sujit has been doing Personal Coaching to Innumerable individuals and Groups of all ages. According to Sujit coaching is a very tedious process. Nowadays, everything has been diluted, but he strongly believes that unless someone holds a strong experience, they cannot be a desired coach. And it is for this reason that people who have received counselling from Sujit Paul continue to rely on them and refer others. Further, Sujit Paul only accepts remuneration from people who can afford to pay, and for those who cannot, counselling and mentoring are completely free of charge.
People approach Sujit from all backgrounds regarding stress from studies and work, heartbreak, financial condition, marital problems, and so on. Sujit has always believed that coaching counselling is a very sensitive issue, and everything is kept confidential, and all team members are wary of it. Sujit Paul doesn’t follow a one size fits all approach and is very careful and curative in order to provide them with a personalized experience. It's a combination of traditional processes and cutting-edge methodologies, in which Sujit begins by being a very good listener, understands their problem, and then provides appropriate counselling based on his experiences and scientific technologists, depending on the course of action that they need to take. In addition to counselling sessions, the platform now offers a strong meditation activity because it has been observed that when counselling and coaching are combined with meditation activities, the results are improved.

“There are certain common things that I strongly believe should be the subject of discussion. Today's youth are extremely impatient, and they have no inkling how to calm their mind and body, whether it's internal strife or an organizational challenge and competition. They are vulnerable to everything and thus end up in a lot more discreet. The other part is that the ascent of social media and the internet as a form of distraction is enormous. Students struggle to focus on their studies, spouses are unable to focus on each other, there is a lack of family interaction, and a variety of other issues exist. It's time to realize how important it is to have control over one's social media usage.

Sujit has amassed a large number of followers, both in India & abroad, as well as accolades, which serves as a testament to his competence

Finally, and most important thing is the absorption of the tremendous amount of negativity. Even if someone is not psychologically down, we must understand how to neutralize the negativity and enter a positive frame of mind. So, once people understand what they should and should not do, as well as whatever is bothering them and how they should cleanse themselves. They will not only live an uplifted life, but also a life of true joy. That is exactly what the platform strives for”, elaborates Sujit Paul.

Sujit has amassed a large number of followers, both in India and abroad, as well as accolades, which serves as a testament to his competence. He addresses issues of varied nature, more with a Personal Touch thereby most of his followers are quite close to him and feel comfortable opening up to him. He makes it a point to respond to the majority of the emails he receives from his global followers. Having said that, success did not come easily; it took hard work and his unwavering drive to make positive changes and help people live a joyful life.

Going forward, Sujit Paul intends to go global and work in a global arena. Sujit is not here to make huge profits and be a hardcore professional company to make revenue. The platform's objective is to reach as many people as possible and bring joy to their faces. Sujit Paul aims to provide people with healthy guidance, creating an ecosystem that can not only build a healthy individual but also a healthy family and an organization. And, that is what Sujit Paul aspires to be while expanding the scope of its mission.