Super Smelly: A Game - Changing Personal Care Product Portfolio For Generation Z

Dipali Mathur Dayal,CEO, Co-Founder

Dipali Mathur Dayal

CEO, Co-Founder

Becoming the most pivotal generation for beauty retail, Gen Z consumers have been named the biggest cohort of beauty spenders with female Gen Zers now spending USD 368 annually on beauty, up 18 percent year on year, according to a recent report by WGSN. This means that the market should set out to research and understand their needs to be able to cater to the consumers of tomorrow. According to McKinsey, with a considerable demographic shift by 2025, Gen Z will constitute the same share of Asia's population as millennials - approximately 25 percent.

Understanding the dire need for safe and effective personal care products, SuperSmelly is a first of its kind brand that makes toxin-free products, especially for Generation Z, and has claimed its own space on the shelf. It is also the first brand to have launched a toxin-free deodorant spray. "Super Smelly is about two years old and B2Call the way! We are a digital-first brand, while our products are also available offline. However, our primary focus up till now has been online distribution across India," affirms Dipali Mathur, CEO and Co-Founder of SuperSmelly.

Environmentally-Conscious Framework
In terms of innovation, the brand rules. One of its most popular and widely received product is the range of natural deodorants which is completely toxin-free. Super Smelly also shines through, not just because of its consistent drive to produce highly effective personal care products but also for their deep concern for the environment. Hence, all products are sustainably produced, cruelty-free and vegan. So early on, the brand has won accolades such as Product of the Year 2020 and Organic Beauty Award 2020 in Australia. The fact that Super Smelly is dermatologically tested, and certified `Made Safe', `100% Toxin Free' and `Vegan' by Safe Cosmetics Australia (SCA) certified, cruelty-free makes a huge difference ­ to people and the environment.
Delivering Top Quality, Quirky Style
"Never in the past has anybody come out with a toxin-free deodorant. We have a complete portfolio of products that are eco-friendly and organic, ranging from deodorants, skincare products, lip balms, hair gels, sanitizer, as well as, gift boxes," shares Dipali. Talking about deodorants, the company offers pocket perfumes, deo combos and luxury perfume deodorants. In skin and hair care, they have face packs, face washes, moisturiser, lip balms and hair gels.

"We went a step further to ensure that our fragrances are IFRA compliant, so that the product is safe to use, through and through. So when it comes to certifications, testing and being sure about our products, we've left no stone unturned. All our products are meticulously tested for efficacy and safety in European laboratories following international standards, especially for young, sensitive skin," adds Dipali.

One of Super Smelly's most popular and widely received product is the range of natural deodorants which is completely toxin-free

Furthermore, every Super Smelly product is scrutinized at every stage, from formulation to labelling and packaging, to dispatching. They are sold across multifarious online platforms, including their website, and also at popular supermarket chain stores. The positive feedback from users speaks volumes of the product range.

Ensuring After-Sales Customer Engagement
According to Dipali, "We also have robust after-sales services, wherein, our team is actively engaged with the consumer. We follow the process where all consumers get a phone call, within two months of their purchase, so as to understand their experience of using the products. Suggestions for improvement is eagerly welcomed. Hence, this kind of engagement has helped us get better with every new batch or product.

SuperSmelly has a robust and innovative team of about 18 experts in their respective fields, led by Milan Sharma, Director and Co-Founder and Dipali Mathur. It is this enthusiastic band of young professionals that has helped the company grow and develop fresh ideas to help today's generation opt for environmental-friendly personal care products. "We see ourselves as market leaders in this category.

We are the first brand that springs to people's minds when Generation Z comes up. It is time that we started reading labels to learn about what our beauty and personal care products actually contain. Toxins are hazardous to health in countless ways and definitely don't belong in such products, whatever their temporary purpose."

In terms of expansion, the two founders are planning to focus on the market overseas and are set to start distribution across the U.S. and Middle East through Amazon. Super Smelly is also one of the first few brands that stands for gender neutrality, and against colourism. All products are designed and developed keeping these principles in mind. After all, what is a brand without principles?