SuVitas: Providing Medically Supervised care Programs

SuVitas, a brand that bridges gap between hospital and home was devised by venture capitalists - Sateesh Andra, senior investment banking professional and Ramesh Byrapaneni, an interventional cardiologist, who run Endiya Partners. An unfortunate incident in Sateesh's life where his mother underwent a surgery made him realize that hospitals in India does not have facilities to support patients throughout the healing process. In order to cater a solution for this existing problem Andra & Byrapaneni put their heads together and came forth with SuVitas to bridge a vital link between illness and health in the year 2014.

The proficient team established the company on a theme that could deliver sheer relief to the patients post critical ailments. They strived to create an Indian solution to address the problem with home like care for patients. Antra Bhargava, CEO states, “Suvitas as a transition care model helps to free up tertiary care beds, as people who leaves hospitals but need assistance for healing can now access a transition care facility.”

The Brighter Side

The Indian healthcare players are encountering major trouble in encompassing trained talents who not only possess caliber to cater quality services but also has a mentality to value life. To ensure that the employees have comprehensive understanding of the patients state, SuVitas invests considerable amount of time on leadership aspects by coaching them for development in both formal classroom settings as well as job training. The company has a senior hospitality professional on board to upskill these clinical specialists to serve the specific needs for long term patients. Mainly to offer the highest level of consideration and kindness as long as the patients stay at SuVitas. The organization has been focused on hiring the right people who can deliver quality service to the patients.

The SuVitas care model is built on crafting Personalized Care Plan for each of the patients by considering their ailments, life style and recovery goals as typical features.
The care plan is shaped by the multidisciplinary team who do independent evaluations but works collaboratively with hightech equipment and home like environment.

Being the pioneers in transition care industry, SuVitas has transformed over 1,500 lives

The company acknowledges their patients as family, involving them in various therapies and truly brings about holistic treatment. Antra asserts “to craft such a matrix work flow and to deliver that over 1,500 patients is a kind of pedigree in this country that is unquestionable”
Antra Bhargava, CEO

SuVitas presented the Award for Innovation & Excellence in Healthcare by Minster G. Kishan Reddy

Growth & Journey

To enhance the multidisciplinary operation and scale up to heights, SuVitas came up with their own ERP model that goes all the way from admission to data analytics on quality of life. The company has used analytics to present 15 papers at global for a such as the World Stroke Congress, Worlds Congress of Neuro Rehab, World Congress of Neurology and many others and now has turned to be a thought leader and market leader in the space of transition healthcare

Antra cheerfully says, “Being the pioneers in transition care industry has been a amazing and fruitful journey. We have transformed over 1,500 lives after many critical ailments. The company was started to create a brand new way of bringing quality of life across the country and now with two centers we are poised for national expansion.”

Suvitas has witnessed remarkable growth since inception, at present, it is recognized as the first and best in class transition healthcare service provider. Geographically present in Bangalore and Hyderabad the company is looking forward to launch 10 other centers in various cities across the country.