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Gautam Bhirani,Founder & CEO
Gautam Bhirani
Founder & CEO

A transformation of marketing is underway as customers tend to spend more time on mobiles. The challenge for brands now is to connect with connected consumers in a visually cluttered world. The real-time conversations brands have with people as they interact with websites and mobile apps have changed the nature of marketing. The modern-day marketing thus calls for the need to combine the creative side of the discipline – using powerful narratives to tap into people's wishes and aspirations – with the technical side of data, digital engineering and analytics.

In this age of digitalization, marketers mostly think about millennials as they are the ones who are more connected to technology, has high purchasing powers and more importantly a highly influential demographic. Considered to be the tech-proficient and optimistic trendsetters, millennials, are noticed to break off from responding to the traditional media in the same way as they do to an online, social media generated content. With the adoption of personal computing, they are more connected and are inextricably entwined with the Internet, cell phones or laptops. It, therefore, is of immense importance for the marketers to understand how millennials respond to advertising and interact with the world around them.

This intrusive clutter has not only turned up as a vital challenge for marketers and advertisers but also has resulted in the creation of some ground-breaking and revolutionary outlets and innovations to grab peoples’ attention. In fact, it is creating an opportunity for the marketers to learn from their behavior and integrate those in order to build disruptive ecosystems that provide delightful digital experiences.

The Genesis of TagTalk
The ideation of TagTalk took shape when Gautam Bhirani, an experienced advertising professional well-acquainted with the changing trends seized this digital age opportunity. Gautam, who has been associated with strategizing integrated campaigns, launching brands to building and selling ad spaces, was quick to sense the impact on the effectiveness of traditional ways of connecting with the consumer.

Determined to be a trendsetter, he along with other co-founders - Saurabh Pathak, Amit Bagga, Bhanu Tiwari, Pratik Saraiya, Prabh Juneja, Harsh Vardhan, established TagTalk – a platform that weaves online and offline elements of hyper-social lives of millennial together. A hyperlocal - community driven digital network based on IoT (Internet of Things), TagTalk is connected real-time across the most trending pubs & cafe's (PBCL)in the country. Throwing light on the idea, Gautam says, “Hyper-connectivity has changed a lot of things including one’s attention which is one the most scarce and crucial resources. Today our society is more mobile, active and urban than never. With consumers spending over 70 percent of their time out of home and consuming majority content on their smartphones which has become the primary screen it has fundamentally changed the changed the advertising landscape.

Today's digital and traditional advertising strives constantly to connect with the consumers. In an overly complicated advertising ecosystem, media providers either cast too wide a net or are way too intrusive, turning off consumers. Humans yearn for connection, not intrusion and these connections happen in both digital and physical worlds. This are where we saw an opportunity and created an ecosystem which brings both physical and digital worlds together.”

He believes that the Digital Out-of-Home(DOOH)boom has finally hit India. The number of digital displays has rapidly increased five-fold to 60,000 in the last two years and is expected to grow by 20-25 percent in the next three/four years.
In today's digital economy where consumers are overly connected, to break the visual clutter marketers are now looking at data-driven location-based networks which can optimize content delivery and provides metrics to measure the ROI. With increasing displays, and demand the industry is also coming together and investing in talent and infrastructure to create a centralized, optimized planning, purchase and content delivery ecosystem.

With Google entering the DOOH space, Location - Digital Placed based Advertising (DPBA)- is going to be the new currency of marketing. Bringing mobile data and connected digital networks together, DOOH will be the biggest growth driver in the coming 2-3 years and overtake traditional formats.

" Launched In 2018, Tagtalk Is Globally The First Connected Hyper-Local Social Networking Ecosystem Driven By IOT"

Overcoming the challenges to mitigate the traditional practices, TagTalk has rolled out the DOOH model by integrating technology that connects in context at the right place, at right time. “Unlike internet and mobile advertising, DOOH which is built on the same DNA as mobile gives us an opportunity to target audience in a specific, real-world context instead of interrupting a user’s online experience. Our efforts have been appreciated by the industry not only in India but across the world, as we grow our network today,” he mentions. TagTalk is delivering tailored campaigns for some of the most prestigious global brands with futuristic integrations that have been extensively discussed for a while now.

Ronak Maniar

Hyper-local Social Networking Ecosystem
Launched in 2018, TagTalk is globally the first connected hyper-local social networking ecosystem driven by IoT. Blended with the urban landscape and lifestyle, the integrated network weaves and connects both online and offline lifestyle of the hyper social demographic. “We connect everything – People, Places, Creators, Content, Things & Data through our connected display network across most trending locations which is driven by the community itself, these locations are some of the most reputed brands in the restaurant industry with highest footfalls,” informs Gautam.

The platform is one of the first display networks that displays content produced by people themselves and enables creators – fashion & food bloggers, pop artists, and photographers to break the online clutter and be seen like never before. “The display network enables brands to target the highly sociable and averse to advertising millennials real-time in a delightful way,” he adds.

Creating Opportunities for Creators
Giving equal magnitude to context, personalization and trust, team TagTalk has analyzed and optimized their product on, therefore, Matrix (Personalization& Situationalization) which enables them to connect with the digital natives – millennials by bringing their lifestyle, environment & mobile behavior together. Gautam elaborates, “Our platform enables millennials who are also known as creators to create and publish content across our network. The community learnt, participated, evolved our product and today is the biggest driver of our network.”

For the very first time, millennials today have their own Live Social Network Tv connected across their favorite places – Photographers, Fashion Stylists, Food, Bloggers, Artists are breaking the online clutter & getting visibility like never before. “The new sharing ecosystem turned into a rage today across social media channels, without even releasing an application our network already has an exceptional amount of traction,” he further adds.
The Silver Lining
Delhi headquartered TagTalk led by a team of 25+ headcounts derives its major chunk of airtime through user-generated content. Currently having its presence across Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Pune, the company is soon planning to roll out in Bangalore and is looking to expand in South Asia and Europe.

TagTalk is now spread over 200 locations and reaches over 2.5 million millennials every month. Connecting exceptionally well with both audience and advertisers, it has also created an impactful synchronization with top-rated eateries (PBCL) and customers.

"Technology is changing everything and we are at heart of it. As technology innovations continue to transform every industry - the restaurant industry is certainly no exception and it is equally poised for huge growth. Tagtalk, the social TV channel for restaurants has figuratively changed (introduced) the concept of real-time social connect with customers; this platform not only creates a brand impact or enhances the existing branding for restaurants, but also personifies the whole idea of building a strong link between the customer and restaurant.

They are partnering up with restaurants in their digitalization journey, with increased in-venue engagements and are able to boost their social media reach to 50 percent and bring down the Print Media cost to 70 percent. “We help them increase their brand impact, reduce their print media cost and promote trending offers, point of sale promotions on their own branded Social TV Channel. Considering the fact that millennials have a very short attention span, Tagtalk is the new catalyst to keep them engaged. We will lead with Power of Connection, Simplicity, and Impact. We are soon coming up with more AI driven apps to complement the existing ecosystem to drive smarter gratification and real-time user insights which will help these establishments to know their in-venue customers and serve them better,” concludes Ronak Maniar, Founder -

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Case Study
Vivo strikes a Chord with Young Audiences on TagTalk Network
Recently, TagTalk had partnered Vivo India as exclusive smartphone partner to launch their integrated Vivo brand campaign on its social network TV that engages and is driven by a large number of hyper-connected young consumers. It's the first time futuristic and most talked about integrations were implemented on DOOH in India.

  • The First User Driven, Location Based DigitalOOH Campaign.

  • It's the first time that User Generated Content, Location Data, and Real-time Content Optimization happened on Digital OOH in India.

  • The Campaign amplified brands social media assets by over 65 percent and delivered data points for measurability of ROI which has been debatable in context of traditional formats.

  • Panel 2:
    Milestones Achieved Till Date

  • Globally the 1ST HyperlocalSocial Networking Ecosystem

  • Globally the 1stHyperlocal User Driven DOOH Network

  • Self-Funded

  • The only live display network which is driven by people

  • Gautam Bhirani recently facilitated by NDSWA ON International Youth Day – Indian Youth Icon Award, 20018 for Media& Advertising

  • Strong foothold over 200+ Locations with top-rated chains

  • Caters to over 2.5+ million millennials per month

  • The best place for creators and varied industry sectors

  • Bring in a closer connectivity with the OOH world and making a huge impact