Take a break: Brewing Business Strategies

Marketing is the spine of every business. It enables a business to stand strong and survive the market atrocities. A befit-ting merchandising strategy can definitely help an enterprise experience ground breaking success and stability in a competitive environment. Chennai-based marketing company, Take a Break is endowing such marketing tactics to help ventures create an ever-lasting stature in the market.

This young and innovative institute is the brainchild of an ingenious enthusiast, Helen Carolina H. As a visionary, she had the breadth of view to change the perspective of success and failure. Her endeavour has been to reduce the tautness business people are exposed to. And to do so she brought into being Take a Break where she along with her adroit team has been rendering trailblazing marketing solutions in the form of Content Writing, Creative Services, Digital Services, Corporate Media Coverage, Social Media or Online Marketing, Web Solutions, Consultancy & Strategy and other such promoting and selling services. Besides these, the company is also contriving website development services which are one of the most predominant features of any business. "Millions face the challenge of attracting the audience towards their business. And Take a Break is my attempt of digitally help entrepreneurs call attention to their unique business offerings. We help them built a trustworthy image and create a bonding with the clients/audience through a creative write-up, video, content, business event coverage and so on. We not only make engaging videos and content but we also promote the same in leading platforms like Facebook, YouTube and others," avers Helen Carolina H, Founder, Take a Break.
Sailing Through
The company was initiated with a simple objective of bringing big innovation, retrieve the uniqueness and promote the power of marketing. And it has been very much successful in fulfilling its objectives. However, the journey to the top was certainly not a smooth one; it was more of a roller coaster ride. From being a home run business to a full fledge marketing organization, Take a Break had to live through a lot of remodelling and transfiguration. "When I started Take a Break, I was the only person administering it. It did call for a lot of effort to get considerable support both physically and financially. To get the right people on board was yet another challenge I had to encounter. By and by, we as a company have set things right, becoming stronger and better each day," she states positively.
Helen Carolina H,Founder
In just a year, the company has come a long way. Stated by a single person, Take a Break today has a team of creative professionals who have been structuring innovative and result-oriented branding techniques. It has served about 60+ brands which include names like PayPal and WSquare. "We are lucky to have the mentorship of Nivedithan, Vijay Kumar Radha krishnan and Bharath Ramamrutham. Their guidance has helped us make advancement in the correct direction," she states.

Take a Break's objective is to bring big innovation, retrieve the uniqueness and promote the power of marketing

In the upcoming days, the company aspires to set up itself as a platform that settles all sorts of business grim and at the same time encourage constructive opportunities. It aims at expanding itself across the nation, developing an ecosystem that economically and socially supports every endeavour.