Takeover: Unleashing The Brand's Potential By Breaking Creativity Barriers

Shaheer Rahman ,Creative Strategist

Shaheer Rahman

Creative Strategist

In today's competitive business landscape, companies are constantly on the lookout for a partner who can cater to their creative needs, from branding to website development, communications, advertising, and marketing. However, the challenge lies in finding an agency that can seamlessly integrate all these services, without causing friction in the process. This is where the importance of addressing the pain point of companies comes in. By providing a one-stopshop for all creative needs, businesses can focus on their core competencies, while leaving the creative aspect in the capable hands of a trusted partner.

At the heart of this solution lies the concept of integration and seamless collaboration. In light of this, based on their personal experiences working in different agencies, Takeover's Founders - Shaheer Rahman, Mohammed Shafrin, and Jithin Das, identified a shared challenge among clients – the desire for an all-in-one partner who could skilfully merge branding, website development, communications, advertising, and marketing.

In the vast realm of business ventures, it is customary to receive advice advocating for niche specialization. The creative field emphasizes the importance of narrowing the focus to branding, website design, or targeting specific industries like interior designers, startups, or corporates. However, Takeover's inception in 2016 defied convention. Having experienced the limitations of separate agencies firsthand, the Founders were driven to establish a paradigm-shifting entity. They envisioned a dynamic enterprise capable of addressing all creative needs under one roof, a transformative 'Takeover' of traditional practices.
The name itself resonated with clients who craved a seamless integration of branding, website development, communications, advertising, and marketing.

Comprehensive Services Offered
At Takeover, they specialize in the key areas of branding, design, technology, and content. Their branding services encompass brand identity ecosystem design, art direction, and most notably, brand positioning and architecture. Takeover excels in differentiating brands from sub-brands and smaller companies. In design, they cover diverse aspects such as graphic design, logo design, packaging, marketing collateral, and social media.

Furthermore, Takeover offers website design and UI/UX projects under technology and provides comprehensive content solutions including brand campaigns, engaging copywriting, and captivating visual content.

Transforming Brands into Success Stories
Achieving alignment amidst diverse perspectives is crucial, transcending a mere collection of ideas to become a collaborative force driving progress. Speaking more about the strategies embraced by the company, the Creative Strategist of Takeover – Shaheer Rahman says, "Our unique strength lies in our teams' dedicated involvement, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Acting as adept 'decoding devices', we bridge the gap between visionary minds and effective communication, crafting brand narratives that resonate with the target audience.

The founders envisioned a dynamic enterprise capable of addressing all creative needs under one roof, a transformative ‘Takeover’ of traditional practices

For example, our transformative work with the ‘Make Your Own Perfume’ venture, where a comprehensive brand overhaul revolutionized their identity across every touchpoint. From logo refinement to captivating store designs, and innovative product offerings to cohesive social media presence, we orchestrated a 360-degree brand elevation.” The team behind this venture is composed of three founders: Shaheer Rahman, Mohammed Shafrin, and Jithin Das. Shafrin has a background in computer engineering and operations management, having been a partner in a chain of restaurants in Bangalore.

His expertise in managing complex and time-sensitive operations has been invaluable to the team. Jithin, on the other hand, has always had a singular focus on design, sharpening his skills over the past decade. Shaheer has taken a more holistic approach, delving into various creative areas such as video production, understanding client psychology, and copywriting. Despite their different approaches, the team shares a commitment to understanding their clients and their target audience, using the appropriate medium to create impactful designs.