Talent Futures Services: Success guaranteed with the right talent

Pooja Sawhney,FounderThough the process of recruiting a skilled professional may seem like a fairly straightforward process, there are various nitigrities that need to be addressed. Often, companies partner with recruitment agencies to ease this process expecting them to help close a candidate that fits the role. But what really is a right fit?

Sometimes age and gender is a barrier. Even though some agencies may follow the requirement blindly, there are some fighting to break the stereotype and ensure, ‘hiring is based on skill only’.

Talent Futures Services is an example of one such company. Talent Futures Services is new era HR E-Consulting and Management firm initiated by professionals and experts in manpower recruitment’s. Its core expertise is in medical/health care, retail, bpo, kpo and IT industry recruitment.

The team at Talent Futures Services efficiently coordinates the hiring process for its clients and candidates. Giving honest review, feedback and ensuring every
candidate gets the best opportunity are the core responsibilities of the team at Talent Futures Services.

“As a recruiting agency, one of the main work we try to do is ensure candidates get the job and realize the importance of one especially amidst the uncertainty that Covid has brought to the market,” says Pooja Sawhney, Founder and Director of Talent Futures Services.

Tackling the Communication Gap In the IT industry, often than not, communication is an issue amongst many candidates. The lack of soft skills often leads to higher unemployment in the IT industry. Understanding this issue, the team at Talent Futures Services is constantly working to solve the same. Candidates who have the technical skill, sometimes, lag behind due to communication. It is hence necessary to train these young talents with basic soft skills so they are able to find employment.

The team at Talent Futures Services efficiently coordinates the hiring process for its clients and candidates.

Another pertinent issue that plagues companies according to Pooja, is gender-based and age- based hiring. The team at Talent Futures Services hence work to bridge this gap and educate clients on the need to smash such requirements. “It is wrong to reject a candidate because of his/her age or gender. We therefore, aim to do away with such clients and ensure at our capacity that no such barriers are devised for candidates that we work for,” adds Pooja.

In the future Despite rampant unemployment, Talent Futures Services has stepped up its game to ensure every candidate gets hired. Currently, the company has positioned itself as a recruitment agency but soon hopes to include communication training in its curriculum so that increases the hiring rate of every candidate. Also advocating, a gender inclusive work environment, the company continually puts the same across its messaging.