TalentRabbit: The Hiring Experts For All Staffing Needs

Srinivas Ravuri ,  Founder & CEO

Srinivas Ravuri

Founder & CEO

While recruiting and staffing companies are marking their entrance into the industry, with a budding talenthiring firms in every corner of the country, they seldom meet the client requisites when it comes to one. Especially, the size or the exact project needs that the client proposes is a bit of a challenge to accomplish for most companies. Talentrabbit is leading the forefront as an expert for an efficient, effective, and enjoyable staffing experience for employers and job seekers. The staffing process is curated as per the employer's or the job seeker's requirements.

"We are a growing team of 40 strong recruiters specialized in staffing for new-age software development companies, fully focused on bringing talent faster to our clients. We primarily provide full time and contract staffing solutions to our clients. Our mission is to bring talent faster to our clients. The vision is to be one of the top staffing companies in the Indian market", says Srinivas Ravuri, Founder & CEO. He has more than 14 years of experience in the recruitment industry and for the last 6 years, he has been on an entrepreneurial journey and has helped many companies in scaling up their engineering needs.

Fifty Plus Cumulative Industry Experience
Talentrabbit is an expert in technology hiring for the IT industry in the Indian market. It operates within this circle with selective customers so that it enables it to focus more & do deeper at what it does. The company
takes job orders meticulously and goes deeper into processes compared to any of the competition. It covers multi aspects right from expert dedicated resource allocation and sourcing to smooth onboarding. The company maintains a proactive relationship with candidates & clients that helps build candidate engagement which seems lacking for the majority of contemporaries.

The core team has 50+ years of cumulative experience in the recruitment industry and kick started Talent rabbit to help hire topnotch talent for software MNCs, product giants & startups. Over the last six years, the team has mastered its hiring capabilities for various clients during their entrepreneurial journey. There is a huge gap between the industry expectations versus reality with respect to meeting the talent demand due to various prevailing factors. Talentrabbit sees a potential opportunity here by delivering the required talent to clients with agility, faster TAT, and better quality. "We have the capacity to build meaningful, long lasting relationships with all our clients. Our success is a result of our work to the best people, the best solutions, and the best results", says Sukanya R., Co-Founder, Talentrabbit.

Sukanya R, Co-Founder

Tailor-made Solutions
Talentrabbit offers tailor made solutions that are capable to meet client specifications and requisites. Being a reputed name in the industry, it has had the privilege to bag some leading organizations its clientele and is well known for end-to-end hiring assistance, thus adding up to the reputation of being a hiring expert. Be it a job seeker or an employer, the company caters to both angles by bridging the employment gap between the right employer and the right candidate. The online portal serves well to the job seekers and the employer and meets individual needs.

Talentrabbit started its journey with two recruiters and one client and has grown strong to 40-plus recruiters and is delivering to 15-plus clients across India. Coming a long way with some interesting milestones, it yet plans to achieve more in its future endeavours. "We are delivering to 15+ clients in a span of 1 year and strengthening our recruitment team roots to deliver to 30+ clients in the Indian IT industry", concludes Sukanya.