Team Successo Software: Connecting Business to Prospects

Manoj K. G,CEOIn 2014, a family-owned business that dealt with selling over 12,000 luxury cars each year in the states of Karnataka, Maharashtra & Gujarat approached TeamSuccesso, a Bangalore based company in social media marketing space to increase its digital presence and leads through online channels. But the dealers had existing campaigns run by their in-house team which was costing them more than INR 5,000 for generating online test drive enquiries. Identifying it as one of the core challenges, TeamSuccesso with its unique approach driven by a combination of text ads and display ads were able to establish a recall value in the niche target audience segment. Based on the user search intent level and geographical fencing, it launched 16 different campaigns with maintaining an SOV of 85 percent and above. Also, adding features such as day-parting, optimising search keywords, improvised ad designs, and leveraging re-marketing helped them to achieve higher click-through rates (CTR). This not only led dealers brand visibility but also marked their presence with a high-quality score with maintaining the first position in Google and Bing search listings.

Thus, this is one of the many success stories of TeamSuccesso. Initially started
off as a provider of technology solutions for Training & Development, the company's plunge into the trending domain was quite an interesting one. Explicating on the inception story, Manoj K.G, CEO, TeamSuccesso Software, speaks, “We embarked on the journey as a training & development platform related to technology solutions.

TeamSuccesso combines predictive analytics with the creative freshness to deliver high performing online marketing campaigns

But it actually shifted to social media domain when one of our customers reached us to seek help with social media marketing. Our innovative ideas impressed him and also generated immense traffic for his online training platform and also,he later on, demanded to extend the service for his onsite training and consulting services. Thus, TeamSuccesso came into being.”

TeamSuccesso from its first Facebook campaign in 2014 so far has been able to execute 3000+ campaigns across 10+ platforms. Their ads have been displayed more than 500m times online and have generated 5m+ transactions online.

Predictive Analytics & Creative Content - Desired Results
Combining the predictive analytics with the creative freshness to deliver high performing campaigns, TeamSuccesso specializes in digital marketing & innovative product offerings. The company
assists the clients with services such as Online Discovery, Lead Generation, Brand Awareness, Online Experience Management & more. “We endeavour to proffer a 360-degree review to our client’s online business. Also, with combining our tailor-made strategy, ROI analysis, creative and customer behavior analytics, we help B2B and B2C businesses drive customer acquisition and revenue growth in the most cost-effective manner,” avers Manoj. He adds, “Also, we try to build a rapport for the clients business across the web.” Additionally, the company offers Digital Marketing, Mobile Development, Web Development, SEM, SEO & others.

With its core focus on campaign optimization leveraging data analytics has helped TeamSuccesso to design and execute campaigns, consistently beating the industry standards. Taking the online engagement to a new level by bringing in gamification to online posts, the company has partnered with e-Commerce solution providers and branding specialist to provide a comprehensive solution to customers.

Transforming the Online Marketing Segment
Armed with expertise in digital marketing, TeamSuccesso focuses to redefine the leadership equations in the business with creativity, big data & technology. The company serves clients across F & B, hospitality, automobile & more. Fortifying to be a trusted partner & collaborator, Manoj concludes,“Currently, we are working towards making social media marketing more predictable. We are planning to diversify and provide technology solutions that will transform the online marketing segment.”