Teamsparta: Curating Sustainable Solutions that Promote Fit India

Gayatri Sharma,   FounderWith people's growing awareness about health, the fitness industry has evolved significantly over the years. Teamsparta Gym founded in November 2016 by Gayatri Sharma and Aditya Sharma is an example of one such institute that has leveraged this growth and transformed the lives of many. Teamsparta provides online nutrition consultancy worldwide by its app and website. "In this company, our main focus is to educate our clients about his/her health and fitness in daily routine, and the importance of proper food intake and exercise. We focus on home food in the diet plan, and we avoid to include any external supplements", says Gayatri Sharma, Founder of Teamsparta.

Gayatri Sharma earned her M.A. B.Ed. from MLSU Udaipur, as well as certifications as a Nutrition Consultant (INFS), Exercise Specialist, and Hypertension Management Expert (Medvarcity). Gayatri was the first runner up in the MISS India Fitness 2022 competition, a notable achievement in the world of fitness. A Marwadi housewife, Gayatri Sharma has turned her passion for fitness into a business.She owned a gym in Sirohi (Rajasthan) with her husband, and she founded an online nutrition consultancy firm as well as a website and mobile application to provide online fitness guidance to people all over the world.

Gayatri Sharma was awarded the Super Woman Achiever Award, Asia Level 2020,
Forever Star India Super Woman Award 2020, and India's Pride Award 2021,Sponsored Athlete for One Life India and QNT, Fit INDIA Ambassador and Transformation Challenge Achiever 2018. Teamsparta's transformation story and interview have appeared in the Times of India, AajTak, The Print, Rediff, Dainik Bhaskar, Quora, and nearly every social media page and website.

Inception Story
When her husband, Aditya decided to lose weight in 2016, Gayatri decided to do the same. He had always been supportive and encouraged her fitness journey. She transformed herself by 2017. Following that, Gayatri's and Aditya's transformation story photos went viral on social media and news channels in 2018, and they became an internet sensation. Gayatri's passion for fitness grew after that.

"Our couple transformation pic went viral on social media in 2018, 2020, and 2021. We are also known as the Marwadi aka Power couple and me (Gayatri Sharma) known as Symbol of Woman Empowerment. I have worked for women's empowerment and training, transforming more than 4500+ people through my fitness and nutrition company, in the last six years and continuing to do so", says Gayatri.

Gayatri's fat to fit transformation has inspired many women of all ages to start exercising and eating healthy. Aditya on the other hand works full time for the government but manages to assist her in the fitness industry. He is also a professional fitness coach and a certified nutrition consultant.

Delivering Happiness
Teamsparta since its foundation has transformed over 4500+ people in the last six years. One of its customers while appreciating Teamsparta said, "Me and my wife followed the diet plan and exercise regime given by Teamsparta for 3 months and lost 7-8 kgs. It was an excellent balanced diet plan where we didn't feel starved. We managed to fit the plan in our regular routine. Apart from the diet, we got a number of workout videos which were extremely helpful. We would give 5 stars to Teamsparta for helping us achieve our target. We feel active and have a better toned bodies now”.

Teamsparta analyzes the body type, BMR, TDEE, and metabolism to create an individualized fitness plan for each of its clients. They provide a sustainable plan, according to your convenience. "We understand that losing weight and gaining muscle can be challenging, and our goal is to help you overcome hurdles and achieve your goals. We help you overcome hurdles and achieve your goal”. concludes Aditya.