Tebcan: Quality & Affordable Healthcare

Nidal Yousef,CEOWith changing times, internet has proven itself to be the ‘godfather’ of the emerging necessities entailed to meet instantly. The conveniences the internet has provided such as employment, shopping, internet banking, eCommerce, has enhanced the lives of people and industry. Though the advancements have been around for many years now across industry verticals, when compared to the healthcare industry it is believed that the sector has remained untouched in many terms. Making an appointment with a doctor still goes through the traditional process. Moreover, getting access to a remote doctor for a second opinion, for instance, is regarded to be a cumbersome task followed by frequent contacts, allocation of time, studying the case to delivering necessary feedback. Understanding that constituting all the key elements in the healthcare ecosystem with aligning technology is the need of the hour, Tebcan came into being.

The idea behind Tebcan was initiated in early 2013 when Nidal Yousef and Samer Tarawneh, each with cumulative business experiences of over two decades sought an opportunity to intensify people’s access to healthcare. The rising challenges and at the same time the interest towards health awareness, better-informed healthcare decisions, selective healthcare providers and quality healthcare along with amplifying healthcare tourism demanded a proper health platform.
“Finding a network of healthcare providers in one place, where the patient is able to search for healthcare providers,evaluate their professional expertise, review other patients feedback and be able to engage with them in a safe and secure environment is what we aimed for before establishing Tebcan,”says Nidal Yousef, CEO, Tebcan.

Amman headquartered Tebcan is growing rapidly on portfolio of services,size & geographical expansion and has a network of over six hundred doctors and 25+ top hospitals and medical centres

Solutions for All–Under one Platform
Recognized as one of the MENA regions leading eHealth & medical tourism platform, Tebcan’s mission is to improve and impact the lives of patients by providing adequate & affordable healthcare services. Deemed to make healthcare patient centric, accessible and reliable with the proliferation of technology, it brings patients and healthcare providers on a single cloud-based platform. Available through a web and a mobile application, the platform allows patients to easily book their doctor visits, receive remote medical consultation via live video or phone and book for treatment with healthcare providers in their own country and abroad.

The company today provides its services for patients, doctors and hospitals &clinics. For patients, it aids them to search a large network of elite healthcare providers under key criteria's like name, specialty, location, treatments, insurance company & more. For doctors it
enables patients to learn more about their education, specialties, and subspecialties, treatments offered. The patients also can view ratings & reviews given to doctors, hospitals, and clinics. Yousef asserts “Once the right healthcare provider is selected, the patient can book a visit or have an eVisit with a doctor, hospital or clinic. With the booking process, the patient is also able to upload medical documents to be viewed by the healthcare provider.”

Expanding Beyond Borders
Started in Amman-Jordan, Tebcan is growing rapidly on the portfolio of services, size & geographical expansion and has a network of over six hundred doctors and 25+ top hospitals and medical centres. With its eVisit & treatment booking services, it has made its services available to the regional & global community. Currently, the services are being accessed by patients across the Middle East, North Africa, Australia, United States, West and East Europe.

Samer Tarawneh, COO

Backed by a high profile investor from Al-Rajihi family, Tebcan forte lies in digital health & advanced technology. Setting up the infrastructure for preventative care model, the company plans to provide remote patient monitoring capabilities through Cloud technology, IoT, Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence in the near future along with adding more services and expanding its coverage to more countries in the region.