Tech Job Fair: Revolutionizing the Landscape of Hiring Services

  Ashok Dudhat,    Founder & CEO

Ashok Dudhat

Founder & CEO

The competition among organizations is at an all-time high, putting a premium on a compliant and reliable workforce. Moreover, today applicants want to break away from the traditional corporate world and improve their existing skills in order to stay competitive. There is a cultural divide between how recruiters look for employees and how employees search for jobs. These diverse needs are difficult to meet, and the inhouse recruitment department frequently finds itself unable to do justice to the recruitment process. One of the leading platforms to empower brands and bring talent under a single roof is Tech Jobs Fair. Founded by Ashok Dudhat, based in Berlin, Germany has grown leaps and bounds.

The Tech Jobs Fair, abbreviated TJF, held its first edition in Berlin in 2017 with a strong emphasis on the IT and digital sectors. It established itself in four European business hubs: Berlin, Vienna, Zurich, and Lisbon, making 2019 an interesting year.

TJF strives to heed its customers’ demands and deliver the best solutions to make their presence an exhilarating experience for both them and prospects. Guided by its personal attention to customers’ requirements, TJF strives to give the highest level of customer satisfaction in every interaction.

The firm has successfully launched the Tech Focused Reverse Recruitment Platform (, which allows companies to apply to individuals directly concerning a job, as opposed to the usual application, which drains a person’s time throughout the application process. Thus, people can accept or decline the offer based on their preferences and get hired quickly. Essentially, the idea is to have a single profile that allows for hundreds of opportunities, including participation in different TJF events.

A Notch above All
TJF’s core objective is to deliver companies an opportunity to enhance their brand equity, recall, and recognition by offering cost-effective hiring and branding solutions. The company’s well-regarded clients can consider students and junior professionals for strategic positions. Overall, TJF is a pillar of support that implores choices and interaction exposure so that people can make the
correct decisions at the right time. While many tech companies are seeking for talent in Europe, the ideal place to find it, as well as awareness of the brand, is at the Tech Jobs Fair. “What propels the company’s growth and feeds its drive and passion is TJF’s customer-centric strategy,” says Ashok Dudhat, Founder & CEO of Tech Jobs Fair.

TJF strives to heed its customers’ demands and deliver the best solutions to make their presence an exhilarating experience

Tech Jobs Fair predominantly engages entrepreneurs and recruiters through various social media channels, as well as its website and YouTube channel. Another aspect of the company on which it remains keenly fixated is branding. The Tech Jobs Fair primarily focuses on Tech and Digital jobs, intending to give a one-of-a-kind opportunity for organizations to brand themselves as an excellent place to work and attract potential candidates. As a contemporary platform, Tech Jobs Fair connects budding talent with entrepreneurs, which can turn out to be a win-win situation for both of them. Ashok Dudhat, adds “All start-ups require two things to achieve an exponential growth trajectory; branding and strong talent recruitment. Thus, catering across this vertical, Tech Jobs Fair has managed to carve its unique identity across the industry.”

Besides offering a state-of-the-art experience in hiring and branding, TJF is dedicated to elevating hiring to the next level by introducing its own online job platform called ‘Tech Job Wall’. The platform was officially launched in 2019, attached with a promising motto of ‘One Search, Thousands of Jobs.’ It aims to search through thousands of websites and bring together thousands of job openings in a straightforward search. ‘Tech Job Wall,’ being more than a job portal, has been able to reach talent through numerous websites and media, as well as provide precision targeting to match hiring organizations with the right talent.

Bridging the gap between employers and employees with its simple, revolutionary portal has therefore put TJF at the forefront of the industry widely recognized for its innovative and modern efforts within its field of expertise.

Global Reputation and Industry Excellence
Tech Jobs Fair’s growth journey has been phenomenal over the years. The firm has organized the events in 15 countries, with 45k + attendees, 500+ companies, 400+ partners, 500 thousand followers, and one million impressions per month. TJF started in Asian and European countries and gradually expanded to North and South America. Tech Jobs Fair deems it’s anchored retaining to serve the attendees with tech-based events where networking, recruiting, and branding are key components in which it specializes. TJF lays its expertise in organizing tech events with significant contributions from various government organizations, communities, and international corporations that also serves clients through multiple platforms such as Tech Job Wall, Germany Startup Jobs, and Hire Tech Talent..