TechiEvolve : Empowering Businesses with Smart Technology

Abdul Gaffar Paik & Shaq Bdair,Co-FoundersPitiable work-life balance, hectic life, and stress are few terms closely associated with corporate professionals in recent times. We are dwelling in an era where companies focus only on business growth and the concern for employees has become least evident. Amidst this scenario, there are a handful of organizations that concentrate on providing a great working experience to the staff. Among the profuse of such start-ups, TechiEvolve – a new-age e-Commerce marketing brand has gained a great declaration of ‘I love working here’ from its workforce.

Led by expert business professionals Abdul Gaffar Paik, Shaq Bdair, and Zee Tawil, who possess over four decades of robust experience in business and applied technologies, TechiEvolve is recognized as a one-stop business solution provider. Apart from being a major player in the marketing domain, the company primarily focuses on employee satisfaction. It believes that professionals who enjoy where they work yield deeper engagement, more thoughtful collaboration, and innovative ideas and have an overall desire to succeed.

With satisfied and happy employees onboard, TechiEvolve is fast emerging as a creative marketing and web development company that is seasoning branding and marketing strategies for both global and local campaigns. On a wider aspect, the company helps businesses around the world realize their objectives and goals by providing on-demand products and services that are continuously evolving. “Our business strategy keeps all of our clients ahead of the curve by integrating the newest platforms and technologies the market has to offer,” says Abdul, Co-Founder.

The Offerings
The US-based Software Development and IT Consulting company specializes in Website Design, Website Development, Digital Marketing, and others. Catering to all-in-one integrated solutions, it assists brands with the utmost professionalism. “We understand how the decline in attention can affect your business resulting in losing clients. So, the service quality becomes the principle decider. We believe in providing desired results through top-notch services,” exclaims Shaq, Co-Founder.
It is reputed for functioning with the maximum care, listening to every detail of clients' business needs. With over a decade of experience in servicing with unique qualities, virtues such as budget, on-time delivery and dedications have become a part of the plinth of the company’s success. In this context, TechiEvolve has evolved as a single-stop juncture for e-Commerce business. The company caters to digital mix services. It believes in offering a complete solution from start till the end. These include Products, Purchase Order, e-Commerce Website Development, Delivery Solutions and Digital Marketing for every business.

The Team
Conceptualized in the year 2016, the company initially encountered a lack of expert professionals to lead digitization initiatives. However, TechiEvolve mitigated it by setting defined unique talent selection methods. Several channels were used to find the right talent suitable for the start-up. At present, with a highly competent team, it makes certain that all efforts are directed to the most economical and effective campaign that is specific to the industry. The team strives to create a digital identity for the clients.

Shaq Bdair, Co-Founder

TechiEvolve has a unique team structure of go-getters and exceptional team of developers and marketers dedicated to delivering great results for the clients. TechiEvolve’s strength is in its dedicated team in the US. While team US takes on after the sales and business acumen, team India looks after project planning to delivery.

Enhancing the business modules, TechiEvolve aims to enter the new era of digital marketing comprising of ai, personalization, and automation

Growth & Roadmap
Beginning the journey with three, the company gradually evolved to be 30 members stronger in 2019. In turn, it also witnessed growth in terms of cost, sales, and revenue which significantly represents the growth of the company. Enhancing the business modules, the company aims to enter the new era of digital marketing comprising of AI, personalization, and automation. In the Development sector, TechiEvolve is eyeing IOT 2020 and has already taken the necessary steps to bring this into effect.

USP of TechiEvolve
• TechiEvolve stands out from its competitors for its perfect balance of Resource, Tools, and Processes. Focusing on the digital services mix is also its differentiator.
• Implements advanced technologies and organized project execution processes to gain strong ground in the market.
• Manages to break the shackles to provide industry-best services at standard pricing.
• While companies in every corner of the globe spend a lot of time and resources digging deep to understand and cultivate a culture leading employees to love where they work, TechiEvolve tackled the challenge by providing fast paced yet, an enjoyable work environment with lenience.