TechnoSpurs: Digital Disruption Begins Here

Raja Arumugam,Founder & CEO

Raja Arumugam

Founder & CEO

Look around and you'll find tonnes of people complaining about IT life. We reportedly find many health issues arising due to stressful work life, and, none of us would deny it. IT firms, MNCs, and any organization for that matter, are focusing on business growth with a little or absolutely no concern on employees. Forgetting the fact that employees are the backbone of an organization, companies are least bothered to support them. In this haphazard scenario, TechnoSpurs is stepping up an edge by making sure that the workforce feels good to be at the office not only for the sake of money but also for self-satisfaction in terms of work-life balance, pressure-less environment, career growth and most importantly technical knowledge enhancement.

Led by expert tech enthusiasts Raja Arumugam and Rajesh Krishnan, who comes with decades of robust experience in entrepreneurship and applied technologies, the company is recognized as an emerging digital technology brand that provides end-to-end Product Engineering and Digital Transformation services to Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley start-ups across the globe. As a tech-driven brand, it covers the entire gamut of product engineering including User Experience Design, Web & Mobile Application Development, Cloud, DevOps, Big Data, Testing, and Infrastructure managed services to transform businesses digitally. Having design-led engineering at the core of its offering, it is using some of the cutting-edge technologies, frameworks and platforms that include IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning, MEAN, Bootstrap, , Drupal, Hadoop, AWS, React, Python, Java, Roku, iOS, and Android. Throwing light on the best-in-class services Raja says, "The DNA of our Product Engineering services include design-led engineering, cloud-native development, micro services driven architecture, DevOps & CICD-led processes. Being an Agile company, we respond to change and pivot fast to create the best market fit with quick turnaround time."

With strong technology agnostic, & quick learners on-board, TechnoSpurs is fast emerging as a leader for tech-driven strategies for both global and local sectors. On a wider perceptive, its agility is helping the brand to stay ahead of the rest in adapting
new technologies. Being seasoned in this approach, it is serving diverse industries from Banking & Finance, Manufacturing to Security & Monitoring using emerging technologies like IoT, BlockChain, and Machine Learning etc.

"We are individuals who are strong in respective areas required to satisfy client needs. Added to this, working with tech-product companies with great people makes it even more interesting to learn and have a healthy competition in providing solutions and bring a positive work culture. It is this synergy that makes us heavyweight against our competition," he informs.

He further adds, "We believe that there is an abundance of talent available and considerable opportunities to get a good match! Once we equate it, we make a good workplace.

Rajesh Krishnan, Co-Founder

Apart from this, the varied opportunities, challenging work, scope, and generosity to acknowledge good work and exceptional contributions, which evolves into a strong engagement model with the employees, are a few reasons for TechnoSpurs to be an employee's choice.

With strong technology agnostic, & quick learners onboard, technospurs is fast emerging as a leader for tech-driven strategies for both global and local sectors

The start-up was ventured after Raja's tenure with, YuMe in Q4 of 2019. His & his partner Rajesh's sheer dedication and determination to succeed gave a head start for the brand. Observing a steady growth since the start, it is working with few US-based product companies by leveraging tech skills. "We have some challenging tech projects in the Indian market too, that has got us the right launcher. At present, we are physically operating in India and look forward to having US office anytime soon," he concludes.

A Note of Gratitude
"What we are today at TechnoSpurs is the sheer trust and belief we have earned from some of the best and successful people in Silicon Valley especially Co-Founders of YuMe, Jayant Kadambi & Ayyappan Sankaran and Co-Founder of FineGround Networks & CashEdge Jay Jawahar, who have turned us into the turbo machines that we are today," voices the core team of TechnoSpurs

Raja Arumugam, Founder & CEO
A tech savvy entrepreneur, Raja began his leadership journey by heading YuMe India. He gained immense experience and opportunity to build & manage highly talented teams work with cutting edge technologiesatscale, since 2007 while working with the company.

Rajesh Krishnan, Co-Founder
An industry veteran with the can-do attitude to not only churn out amazing solutions but also to lead a team of talents to bring out interesting, innovative & unconventional ideas.