ten3T Healthcare: Building the Intelligent Care Unit (ICU)

Rahul Shingrani, Dr.Sudhir Borgonha & Prasad Bhat,Co-Foundersten3T is the leading company in wireless, real time patient monitoring. It uses a cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform layered on medical grade data generated through a small wearable device containing multiple biosensors, critical to saving lives.

The device integrates 6 lead ECG, respiration, pulse, oxygen saturation, blood pressure and temperature and sends data through the cloud seamlessly, connecting patient and provider, no matter where they are – in the hospital, at home or on a trek. Enabled with AI and machine learning, the device provides medical grade accuracy and enables operational efficiencies, allowing for timely interventions that save lives.

Founded by a doctor and two biomedical engineers, the platform has evolved to continuously integrate technology, ensuring it remains at the forefront of patient monitoring. It is poised to be a global leader in this segment.
The founding team has over 50 years of combined experience in patient management in the US and in India and are bringing to the forefront, a combination of real-life experience with technology integration, addressing a large segment of the global unmet need for real-time, continuous, medical grade monitoring.

Enabled with AI and machine learning, ten3T’s device provides medical grade accuracy and enables operational efficiencies, allowing for timely interventions that save lives

Dr Sudhir Borgonha, a graduate of St. Johns Medical College Hospital, Bangalore and the Sloan School of Management at MIT met Rahul Shingrani and Prasad Bhat that resulted in the development of a core team that could meaningfully tackle this challenging need. Rahul has spent over a decade in product development and signal analytics of medical devices at the leading medical device makers – Medtronic, MN and Siemens, NY. Prasad has worked extensively in end-to-end product development, quality and regulatory engineering in the US and India.

Speaking at a recent AI event, Rahul Shingrani, co-founder of ten3T quotes the
academic work of Kause et. al. and Young et. al that demonstrates “84% of patients who have developed cardiac arrest had instability within the 8-hour window preceding the event and responding to early warning signs reduces mortality by 75% and cost by 40%”. With support from Pi Ventures, Bangalore and other angels, ten3T has gone live at multiple hospitals, having now monitored over 1000 patients, each over several hours.

Looking forward, Prasad Bhat, co-founder at ten3T, emphasizing the need to continually build intelligence into the system, layering information, AI and machine learning to cater to saving lives. “The next iteration of the system will be more comprehensive and will cater to a more global audience”, he said.

Dr M.C. D’Souza, Professor and Head of the Surgical ICU at St. John’s Medical College says “Continuous patient monitoring is a critical component of patient care, especially after interventional procedures. ten3T’s solution will address this important need”.

In a peer-reviewed paper in a leading journal, Critical Care Medicine, the authors from Harvard Medical School prove that continuous patient monitoring can save the US healthcare system up to US$15 billion annually. The impact in India will be larger, given the rate of growth of the healthcare industry and the lack of trained manpower to address the growing need. ten3T is well poised to play a leadership role in this underserved space.