Terra Edge Soft: Meeting Client Expectations with the Most Up-to-Date Knowledge of Technology Solutions

  H K Gohil,   Founder Director

H K Gohil

Founder Director

The business for data science platforms is predicted to develop at a compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 16.43 percent from 2022 to 2030, from an estimated market share of USD 96.3 billion in 2021 to USD 378.7 billion in 2030. Technology is advancing quickly as a result of increased research and development spending. Technology that can boost an organization's productivity and efficiency is becoming more and more in reques t as it is becoming larger. Technology advances like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT) are everywhere, and their adoption is what is causing platforms and software to become more popular. Modern platforms and technologies for processing data are significantly boosting business expansion as data volumes expand daily. Terra Edgesoft Ltd (TES) was founded in 2019 by technologists who have witnessed the development of technology over the past three decades. Terra Edge Soft is an AI Centre of Excellence of choice working as an extended arm of Clients Solution Team.

A Gamut of Services
The founders, having extensive international experience in the telecom industry, witnessing the emergence of technology going from 2G to 4G and other developments, found the need to bring AI and ML into the industry. This was done to introduce the new
phase of development in the industry and to automate processes & systems in the telecom & enterprise segments. Terra Edgesoft offers specialized IT solutions and network services and focuses on providing superior AI-ML solutions in the fields of data analytics and computer vision. They are able to convert any unstructured data into structured data and perform sentiment analytics, including prescriptive, predictive, and contextual analytics. Voice processing, image processing, video processing, text processing,and big data are all considered in the context of the domain. All modules are created and developed internally, and the code can be completely modified to meet the needs of each client.

“Our partnership allows Software Solution providers to avoid deployment of AI-ML teams and bear the heavy cost during the entire cycle of development as well as cost efficient ongoing services support without compromising on time and quality needs”,shares H K GOHIL, Founder Director, Terra Edge Soft.

Terra Edge Soft comprises a team of highly skilled employees who enable the company to consistently set new benchmarks in the industry. They've created numerous process automation solutions with the assistance of committed team members. They have also created an E-Mail Parsing and Solution that not only reads the entire contents of E-Mails but also detects the presence of any attachments, stores using Cognitive Search and does Information extraction. The company has created an extremely potent OCR Engine that delivers JSON output in desired format.

Future Roadmap
Terra Edge Soft is confident that the next phase of AI-ML Life Cycle will be customization, optimization, and cost-effectiveness. Terra Edge is also making progress in that direction.They are prepared forthat stage, and all of their research initiatives throughout Voice, Video, Speech, and Text Analytics are focused in that area.

“We are working on solutions which can significantly reduce the need of Infrastructure/Computational requirements to reduce the core GPU/CPU specifications and thereby reducing operations cost. We are also working on some code optimizations, reducing latency and recurring cost of infrastructure”, further shares H.K. Gohil.

Becoming the top partner of choice for large and midtier IT solutions firms in the field of computer vision and data analytics is the aspiration of the firm with the ultimate goal of expanding internationally, and becoming the global leader in this arena.