Terse Box: Enlightening and Informing the New Young India

Adhish Kumar Sinha,  Founder

Adhish Kumar Sinha, Founder

An innovative mind, Adhish Kumar Sinha, collaborated to bring into being an innovative platform named TerseBox, a digital publishing platform that publishes stories, ideas, opinions, insights and perspectives relating to HR, Startups, Tech, Change makers Marketing and more relevant columns as per the need of young India. Sharing a common grail, the dogged to launch a digital publishing platform where theycould display articles, content, messages and information from different selected domains. The core intention was to build a media outlet that could equip the new young Indians with facts and figures regarding the different precinct of the society. A part of TerseBox is into advertising as well; it proffers brand partnership and advertisement space to succour businesses develop marketability by promoting their goods and services. “Just as the name of our company suggest, we aim to deliver information that are direct and to the point. We feature columns written by professionals and experienced people for
readers,” states Adhish,Founder, TerseBox.

"A media outlet that aims to equip the new young Indians with facts figures, insights which will help coming generation to make decision with motivation"

TerseBox is fortunate to have a prolific team led by Swetlana Neog & Monika Dey that works together to achieved its objectives. Initiated by the company has inflated substantially. The firm believes in having a healthy environment in the workplace. Not only that it exerts itself to keep readers and clients contended. “We follow an entrepreneur culture of flat organisation & communication, empathetic approach, encouraging idea creation and ‘trial & error’ methodology. To keep our readers and clients pleased we do incorporate all the corporate lessons like timely delivery, customer satisfaction, milestone creation and achieving the same and similar other lessons,” he adds.

Instituting an organisation and making it a success and is indubitably a tough row to hoe. TerseBox was also subjected to many stumbling blocks during its inception. Technology at one's fingertips, it is quite intractable to obtain news that are genuine and of real significance. The firm faced a hard time in establishing itself as a one stop destination that delivered curated content and information. Howbeit, it grappled with every single impediment that came its way and installed itself as one of the leading internet
publishing and broadcasting companies in India.To which he adds, “We performed detailed study to know about the interest and penchants of the targeted audiences. Based on which our team garnered peerless articles that suited the readers hest.”

In just one year, the company has created a noticeable impact on the publishing and broadcasting industry. By proposing a distinct approach to the traditional Indian media, it has impelled the others to examine further the strategies incorporated by the media outlets. As far as its advancement is concerned, TerseBox mushroomed in an extensive way. It has set before itself profitable targets which is gleaning it good EBITDA.

TerseBox has got great futuristic plans for itself. It intends to reach each and every person in the country and is also reaching out for investors to further fortify its grails and expand itself. It has set its plan to release inspiring videos related to startups in its platform and working on preparing magazine which could be guiding force for the young generation who are about to start their work-life innings. Along with that it also plans to set out video based content, weekly updates based on campus engagement programs between students and startups.“We will soon begin exhibiting video contents that focuses on startups and also conduct interactive sessions that would bring pupils and entrepreneurs alongside. We aspire to become a source of knowledge, encouragement and information “concludes Adhish.