Texas Medical Concierge: Rejuvenating Family Healthcare through Medical Concierge & Futuristic Technology

Aanchal Bhatia,PresidentMarket research indicates that there is a significant need for quality healthcare with a rise in lifestyle related diseases and stress. Travelling abroad for world-class medical treatments is a common trend in the healthcare sector. This change in the modern healthcare eco-system has paved way for medical concierge services, where an organization can look after your health needs when you are busy. Bridging geographical barriers to seeking quality healthcare, Texas Medical Concierge (TMC) facilitates patients through a wide range of medical concierge services, given India’s poor one doctor per thousand people ratio. Replenishing the concept of family medicine and taking health management to the next level using advanced healthcare technologies and innovative services, TMC ensures better diagnosis and treatment from specialists, as a client’s health advocate.

The Personal Healthcare Tool

Established in 2014 and headquartered in Houston, Texas,
home of the Texas Medical Center TMC is a part of the century old Uttam Group of Companies which has been in the healthcare space since 1982. With a vision to provide accessible, quality health, TMC has a catalogue of services such as, telemedicine, integrated medicine, second opinion, medical travel, a dedicated medical concierge and personalised medicine. TMC also offers comprehensive medical screening, detailed documentation of medical history, digitized health records for an easy and secure access to one’s health records, health coaching and access to consultations with super-specialist doctors across the globe, amongst others.

To offer world-class healthcare,TMC partners with the world’s leading healthcare providers across the globe

To offer world-class healthcare, TMC partners with the world’s leading healthcare providers across the globe. To name a few, in the U.S., TMC works with the Cleveland Clinic, MD Anderson Proton Therapy Centre, John Hopkins, Hospital of Special Surgeries (HSS), New York Presbytarian, Menninger Clinic and others. In India, Fortis Healthcare, Max Healthcare, Apollo Hospital, Medanta – The Medicity, Artemis Hospital, BLK Hospital and GangaRam Hospital are few associated hospitals TMC works with. In addition to these, TMC has
co-partnered with renowned healthcare providers in the UK, Germany, Singapore and Germany as well.

Envisaging Healthy India

TMC provides a patient-centric service towards building a healthy India, powered by the values of courage, compatibility, competence, communication and commitment. They are always coming up with innovative strategies to add value to their client’s lives. They have recently teamed-up with American Express to offer memberships and comprehensive medical guidance to the AMEX card holders using the centurian and platinum cards of AMEX. To shape the healthcare facility like never before, TMC plans to expand to as many as 25 tele medicine lounges globally and strengthen its B2B relation through tie-ups with insurance companies, luxury lifestyle selling brands and others. TMC plans to offer exclusive memberships to different clients and give them access to super specialists of different centres of excellence in India and abroad for various services. Aanchal Bhatia, the President of TMC & a Clinical Psychologist by profession, concluded, “We have a first mover advantage over our contemporaries. The components we have added towards building TMC will be hard to replicate. The relationships we have with top doctors and hospitals in the world, no one can imitate the same, as they are not built overnight. For our clients, we can open doors of any leading hospital in the world”.