TG Connect Media Services: Helping Businesses achieve Online Success

Tushar Gogri,Director

Tushar Gogri


Mumbai-based TG Connect Media Services, a digital-first and a full-service agency, emerged out of the idea of providing unmatched, creative and tailor-made solutions to brands using cutting-edge technology. The ideation transpired when three like-minded professionals ­ Pawan Dhera, Ajit Sharma and Viren Sachdev aspiring to be entrepreneurs met in a digital marketing agency where they worked together. The initiative started with a casual conversation and took around a few months to put into operation. Things fell into place eventually and the company got its first investor Mr Tushar Gogri who saw potential in the idea. Mr Gogri, a successful businessman who comes from offline marketing & advertising background, was equally eager to launch the online domain of advertising. Before the team officially started their business, they already had two big brands onboard. This further boosted their confidence and built trust among all the stakeholders of the company. This marked the official beginning of their journey on September 2017 with the trio-team. In two years, the company has successfully acquired 50+ active clients and houses a team of 25+ super active stars.

With a group of passionate performance marketers, strategy builders, web designers, social media lovers and digital marketing evangelists, TG Connect Media Services works to help clients accomplish their digital media goals combining various digital channels to increase visibility, online leads, calls and revenue. By offering be-spoke plans for all the budgets, the company aims to achieve sustainable development for various brands by providing integrated solutions on mobile and web.

The Growth Story
Successfully winning over the challenges that

Ajit Sharma, Co-Founder
came its way during the initial years, the company has carved a niche for itself in the market. In the first year itself, it became a Google Partner. Besides, it has evolved as a performance marketing agency with 80 percent of clients on-boarded for lead generation and ROI driven campaign. "Our client retention rate is

TG Connect Media Services works to help clients accomplish their digital media goals combining various digital channels to increase visibility, online leads, calls and revenue

95 percent which is very difficult to maintain in this industry due to changing trends & never-ending client's expectation. We have been offered a business acquisition proposal from a big digital marketing agency based out of Mumbai and has a presence across the globe," mentions Pawan.

Viren Sachdev, Co-Founder
At present, the company has around 150+ projects and a base of 50+ active clients on board which includes a large business house and SME's with revenue growth of 100 percent YoY. Currently, it is based out of Bandra, Mumbai and Vashi, Navi Mumbai and is looking for opportunities to expand its presence to Delhi Chennai, and Bangalore in the coming years. The team is open to collaborating with digital marketing agencies and advertising agencies to grow the business. Also, they are looking out for more of such collaboration soon which will help them to sync the best talent from the industry for providing unmatched and competitive digital marketing solutions to the clients. "We are also entering in a new venture which is a digital marketing institute where we will be focusing more on practical training & knowledge with hands-on experience on various digital platforms. This training course is apt for the business professionals, aspiring digital marketers and anyone who wishes to learn or build their career into digital marketing," concludes Ajit.