The Celiac Store: Making Lives Healthier and Happier

Maddhu Sethi,  CEOPeople these days have adopted a new dogma of being as fit as a fiddle. It seems they have realised the veracity that health is the real ecstasy. This realization has not only enhanced the way of living but entrenched a huge industry that deal with fitness and health. There are several divisions in this sector that caters the different requirements of people. One such leading section is the gluten free and organic industry that has set a strong foot in the market, meeting the needs of about 44 million people across the globe. The rise of firms dealing with such products and treatment panned out when people were diagnosed with allergies stemming out from certain food items. As a matter of fact, organic and no gluten food has made way to the diets of all those who wish to keep a check on weight and haleness through healthy eating. Hence, these factors have escalated the business so much so that this
gluten free market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 9.1 percent from 2019 to 2025. Noticing such positive propensity, hundreds and thousands of business magnates have ventured and made their space in this domain.

The Celiac Store is there for everyone diagnosed with food allergies and everyone who’s looking to adopt a healthier life

The Celiac Store, a retail startup that was constructed considering the growing need and demand of organic and gluten free products. The company is a kind of go-to-shop for those who are indulging themselves in what we call is clean eating. It offers a wide range of products starting from grains to yogurt. Its houses both fancy and homely food items that are organically grown or prepared. The rates of the commodities are fixed considering components and availability. To keep transparency and trust, it observes a very authentic and reliable procedure which makes buying and selling easier for the customers, sellers and the company itself. To make thing more congenial, the company is offering doorstep delivery across India from its retail location. “We stock the best brands for Gluten Free Foods, Organic Food, Super Food and other Healthy Foods,”
says Maddhu Sethi, CEO, The Celiac Store.

Along with the up to the snuff products, this Delhi based firm has put up in its website facts about organic foods, the benefits of living on a gluten free diet, kinds and symptoms of allergies caused by food and others such informative things. The motif of adding this special feature is to keep the customers’ conscious about the infirmities, their cause and treatments. It presents step wise and detailed explanation stated by acknowledged practitioners. This helps the customers to know and purchase the appropriate goods that they need instead of spending money on something they barely require. “Eating naturally frown food has become a style statement but we all should know what our body needs. In order to guide our customer about what type of food they need, we have keep informative articles on our websites,” she avers.

The Celiac Store can precisely be defined as a store that enables almost everyone who aspires to live a robust and prosperous life. Its good intention and positive attitude gas helped it gain considerable attention from people across the nation. “We not only help people battle their ailments but we take their opinions to enhance our healthy existence too. We believe to grow along with our clients, employees and people,” she concludes.