The Hanker Media: Offering ROI Services In Digital Marketing & Branding

Haresh Patel, Co-Founder,Ronak Mehta, Co-Founder

Haresh Patel, Co-Founder

Ronak Mehta, Co-Founder

‘Digital Marketing is an ever-changing field with the only constant that is to entertain, engage and evolve’- The Hanker Media.

The digital presence of any business is an essential aspect for creating and finding potential leads. With more people hooked to the internet and its deep penetration among the masses, India has a lot of potential and numerous opportunities. The Digital India has been a major simulator for this. Thus, strategic tools are needed to stay in the game. Here’s when the social media marketing companies step in, one of them being The Hanker Media.

Based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, The Hanker Media was started in May 2020, realising the potential of the market, by co-founders - Mr. Haresh Patel & Mr. Ronak Mehta. They are the experts on the technological, digital, branding and creative conceptualization front. The company has grown ever since and has managed to bag 100 + clients across various verticals for its services.

Covering All Aspects of Digital Marketing and Branding Through Its Offerings
The company offers a range of services Digital Marketing, content marketing, branding and advertising, web development, creative visualization, marketing consulting.
The broad spectrum of services offered by the company fulfils all the customer requirements subjected to digital marketing and branding. The company strongly believes in providing services with in-depth analysis and ROI driven results. It conducts day-in day-out data analysis and draws strategies based on the data to help its clients achieve better outcomes. It also offers Turn-Key solutions to its clients i.e. end-to-end solutions for all their digital marketing and branding requirements.

Being a customer centric company, the motto is to create an intelligent and immersive online experience for its clients, while ensuring ROI driven services.

Step-wise Approach Towards Tailor-Made Solutions
The Hanker Media adopts a stepwise approach to serve its clients better. The first few meetings with the clients are marked to understand the client’s business model to get an in depth knowledge of what their expectations are. It, then, conducts an internal analysis of their current digital presence and ways to enhance the same. After analysing all aspects, it steps into the strategic zonebrain storming, strategy planning, campaigns designing, expected results and designing a road map of how to go about it.

The Hanker Media is a 360-degree marketing agency covering all aspects of digital marketing and branding

The entire project is divided into respective departments for effective results and each of them is supervised by Team Leaders The solutions offered to the clients are tailor-made, which best fits their business model.

The structured approach towards helping it’s clients and assisting them at each stage, is the one thing that makes the company different amongst the rest of the players in the market. This acts as the core USP of the business, apart from the range of services offered, i.e. the maximum customer satisfaction derived throughout the entire process.

The road map for the near future is sticking to digital marketing and branding and staying abreast with the changing trends. However, the longterm vision for the company is to invest in Artificial Intelligence & Business Intelligence based products and to turn towards highly innovative products and IOT.