The Solarwale: Seeking to introduce Solar Awareness

Sandeep Vig,Founder & CEO

Sandeep Vig, Founder & CEO
Renewable energy is emerging as one of the game-changers for the why only industrial, game changer to every thing things, including each individual, environment industrial sector of India. The growing acceptance of solar technologies on a domestic as well as on a large scale is the reason why several industry veterans are taking newer initiatives thus adding value to the serendipity. “We clubbed four decades of experience in power generation with a new vision and introduced renewable energy company to feed the same. As Solar is the best source of renewable energy available in different forms whereas DG Set is a backup source of energy”, says Sandeep Vig, Founder & CEO, The Solarwale.

The Founder's Belief
According to Sandeep, there are many new companies coming out in but they don’t have serving experience of what people actually need. Solar energy is good, they just know this and stress on this one thing, but other than this, which is most important in Indian market, is the techno-commercial
aspect of anything one invests in. The Solarwale started as an EPC company but later it found itself in majority of R&D Projects as well.

"The Solarwale has already completed up with various projects in North East, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand & Haryana on varied sites like hotels, institution, industries and vehicles"

It has created one of India’s first Hybrid prototype of charging & discharging lithium ion & lead acid batteries at peak hours by installing BMS (Battery Management System) with grid export and off grid backup capabilities system maintaining 800 battery life cycles with remote monitoring and configuration. Sandeep asserts, “Other than this we have already done with solarise of busses, residential & commercial projects throughout India at large and with vertical in green building, training, solar products and other elements, covering majority of services and products under same roof.”

Impact on the Market
The Solarwale serves anyone and everyone starting from a road side vendor for a small integrated home lighting system on its cart to MW scale rooftops dedicated to the industry. From solar power plants to greenbuilding audits, all the stimulations and certifications are done under one roof with a team of experts heading various departments altogether. It wants its customers and people around to experience the ease of services & product selections at one go. “We are taking forwards the things with
techno commercial objective in which we maintain both for better yield, maximum output & profits with quality products. It’s an investment, so the more you invest on better quality, the better output you will be served for longer term”, says Sandeep.

The company has covered various milestones that have proved profitable and utterly promising for them. It has already completed up with various projects in North East, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand & Haryana on varied sites like hotels, institution, industries and vehicles. It has been awarded with the prestigious Solar + Storage Technology Innovation of the year E-Mobility Hybrid System category in 2018. In addition to this, Sandeep also asserts, “We have developed the first ever Solar Showroom in India in 2016.”

Future that Lies Ahead
The Solarwale believes in serving all in very simple manner. For example, the quotation is drafted in just a 1 page from 1 kw to 1 mw, which makes it easier to understand unlike others submitting a bundle of reports and related documents, which is not much appreciated by customers on a first go. Expressing his goodwill for the company, Sandeep concludes, “We want to serve everyone, with same energy and simplicity. We want people to experience our services with ease over just one call or by sharing an electricity energy bill with google location from anywhere across India. We have something to serve everyone.”