The Words Edge: Building the Future of Marketing

Natasha Lorraine Menezes, FounderMost organizations invest time, money and effort into building a business only to find that there are no customers. On the other hand, The Words Edge understood that the gold rush for marketing content had arrived. They took this as a starting point to build the company. According to a study by Smart Insights, nearly 50 percent of brands do not have a defined marketing strategy, which means 50 percent of customers do not even know of the existence of these brands. The Words Edge is a creatively focused marketing company, developing winning strategies for global companies. With experience in growing brands, they work with companies of all sizes, defining the marketing strategy for assured results. “We offer an integrated approach to marketing while executing go-to-market plans creatively, economically and superlatively. We breathe life into connected touch points, fueled by data, design, research and content”, says Natasha Lorraine Menezes, Founder of The Words Edge.

“As story tellers, we weave silken stories to capture leads, bringing them down the marketing funnel, and leverage & manage the full spectrum of online, social and digital marketing, to deliver valuable business results” she adds.

The Beginning

Marketing today has to be treated as a
holistic approach an all encompassing solution to keep with the disruptive methods being used today. TWE sees itself as catalysts for change. “Whether we are a partnering arm for a marketing function or the main marketing arm, we focus on understanding the business, end customers and the best route to shortening the sales journey,” says Natasha. TWE has partnered with leading B2B and B2C companies. Their out-of-the-box thinking and research driven approach have helped them win clients across enterprises, unicorn startups and SME’s. They’ve also partnered with government projects. According to Natasha, TWE clients continue to experience results in sales, leads, traffic, and overall brand recognition.

The Words Edge is a cutting edge Marketing Agency that takes a customer-first and digital-first approach to meet and exceed end objectives.

Value Proposition

There was a time when all functions could be outsourced but marketing would remain internal to a company. The shift happening now is, marketers want professionals who are an extended arm to their strategy. They are aware that marketing agencies offer the best of professional help, turnaround and service. The future of marketing is shifting towards these value dependencies, as opposed to price alone, and The Words Edge, as early adopters, are positioned for long term success and sustenance in this marketplace.

The team includes experienced digital marketing experts, writers, strategists and designers and its customers are from India, US, and Europe. With close to 100 clients in 2.5 years, spanning ecommerce, retail and foodtech to IT, Fintech and Pharma, the company is wearing all kinds of hats today.

The Words Edge claims their USP is great storytelling. “We have to be great storytellers, we have to be extraordinarily creative (right brained), but we also need to keep a sharp lookout for marketing goals and performance through data (left brained). It is a tall order but only those of us who can rise up to meet these expectations will be able to provide business value to clients and retain the position as preferred partners in a business’growth” concludes Natasha.