The Youth Space: Offering Widest Range of Quality Anime Merchandise for the Youths of India

  Manasvi Kothari, Co-founder,    Rajas Ghag, Founder

Manasvi Kothari, Co-founder

Rajas Ghag, Founder

The growing popularity and the rising sales of Japanese anime merchandise worldwide are anticipated to drive the growth of the market. Further, with the growing penetration of internet and e-Commerce platforms, there has been a positive growth in the Indian market as well. However, ensuring quality standards of the products with prompt delivery and fair pricing is what a customer expects from the players in this space.

This is where a promising startup The Youth Space has been making strides to offer a widest range of quality driven anime merchandise, focusing on the taste of the young generations. The company was established in the year 2019 with a sole purpose of offering products at the most competitive pricing while keeping quality at its utmost.

The Youth Space was established in 2019 and was founded by a 19 years old vibrant entrepreneur Rajas Ghag and later joined by a 22 years old Co-Founder Manasvi Kothari in 2021. When compared to the big retailers, the quality that the company provides is
standardized, while keeping the price as nominal as possible. The company has integrated an advanced T-shirt printing machine that provides the best possible quality for the client's t-shirt prints and it is way better than screen printing which most of the brand uses. The company also provide action figures from Banpresto, Japan.

When compared to the big retailers, the quality that The Youth Space provides is standardized, while keeping the price as nominal as possible

The Youth Space offers products like t-shirts, keychains, posters and bobble heads. Clothing is often priced between 500 and 800 rupees; the pricing is a little higher than usual, given the fact that the quality of T-shirts are optimum. They use High GSM T-shirts as well as prints that are breathable. The company strictly doesn't use vinyl prints made of plastic. So, even if you wear it in hot weather, you won't sweat as much. They will also be adding a lot more clothing in the following days. And when it comes to delivering products, The Youth Space strictly ensures packing is intact, and damage-free while in transit. The Youth Space also offers tailor made products. For instance, keychains are personalized as per the customer’s requirements. Till date, the company has sold about one lakh key chains and is one of the best sellers of magic keychains in India.

The company is backed by a technically adept team of seasoned professionals who are trained thoroughly. Currently, The Youth Space has been carrying out marketing through Instagram and Facebook ads. Going forward, the company plans to adopt content marketing and influencer marketing to expand its reach across the country. Further, The Youth Space will also be partnering with market places like Amazon and Flipkart to offer its clients through these platforms.

“We intend to be one of the most trusted firms in the Indian merch industry which focuses on fictional characters.As the market dynamics are constantly changing, The Youth Space would be upgrading its people, process and technology to stay relevant to the industry needs”, concludes Rajas.