Three Fourth Solutions: Designing Creative Solutions Businesses

Siddhant Jain,DirectorSitting together in a 100 sq.ft. office with an idea to provide everything under one roof from Brand Planning and Consultancy, Digital Media Campaign delivery and execution, to Experiential Marketing Campaigns and more; Husain Lucky, Siddhant Jain, and Pragati Agarwala were adamant on giving life to this plan of action and create something of their own. Soon, the three of them sensed a need in the market for an organization that offers a variety of services to their customers under single umbrella and that is when finally the idea took root and led to the establishment of Three Fourth Solutions a uniquely competent brand management agency. A 360 degree brand solutions agency, Three Fourth Solutions is aiming to consistently deliver creative concepts and solutions to organizations encompassing different types of media while creating an ecosystem for them to achieve their utmost objectives. “There was an absence in the coordination and delivery of solutions in the market which presented a very difficult proposition for the clients. Seeking to bridge this gap, we decided to step in the market and that is what sculpted the foundation of a digital media service provider Three Fourth Solution,” says Siddhant Jain, Director, Three Fourth Solutions.

A full service agency, the company provides a complete range of solutions that includes Digital Marketing, IT, Communication Design, Inbound and Outbound Marketing, Business Development, Market Research and Public Relations. The company also offers a personalized experience to its business partner’s right from on boarding to the completion of deliverables. Furthermore, it continuously works on optimizing its internal processes by integrating technological tools such as Business Manager, Hoot Suite, Asana for day-today task and resource management. “Going digital has proven to be an excellent medium for quality immersive content, laser targeting and building trust which is exactly what we are striving to provide to each of our clients at Three Fourth Solutions. Our aim has always been to surpass the expectations through our marketing operations and IT solutions. We understand that every client has an out-of-
box solution and that is what subsequently enables the upsell of our services to them,” he asserts.

Overcoming the Adversities
The existence of digital divide that still exists in the market accompanied by a wave of ignorance presents a number of challenges to enterprises in this domain. However, by providing monthly training modules to its employees and indepth business consultancy solutions to help the clients equip with the appropriate knowledge, Three Fourth Solutions was able to thrash out these hurdles emerging as one of the key players in the sector. Over and above that, the company’s manpower quality and having a dedicated set of creative minds in place assisted it in making significant strides in the marketing domain. Along with this the company keeps up with the current trends while maintaining a constant presence on relevant channels of communication.

With a roster of more than 200 clients in four years, three fourth solutions has gradually expanded by offering creative solutions using the most relevant of media for the brands

With a roster of more than 200 clients in four years, Three Fourth Solutions has gradually expanded by offering creative solutions using the most relevant of media for the brands. The agency is consistently delivering prolific concepts and solutions to its clients and renders a personalized experience to its clients right from the on boarding to the completion of the deliverables. Since its inception in 2014, the company has witnessed 120 per cent top line growth and a 30 per cent growth in the number of clients along with the launch of a PR wing. The company now has its sales force presence in Delhi, Guwahati and Siliguri apart from the headquarters based out of Kolkata. “We aim to expand on our service quality and provide value addition to the existing crop of services we offer. We are also looking to broaden our national clientele base alongside setting-up an offshore office to cater to the international markets of USA and Canada. In addition to this, we are also planning to increase our team strength to 50 plus members in the coming year while clocking an 80 per cent increase in the Retainer Client from the current number,” he concludes.

An Array Of Services
•Design & Creative Solutions
Specializing in creating brand and corporate identity helping to create all branding materials starting from stationary to stall designs.

•Digital & Innovation
Recognizing the significant impact of advancement of digital innovation and place them at the heart of the group strategy.

•Business Development
Identifying opportunities and turning them into business implementation growth strategies, leading to the creation of value for all clients.

Using the latest techniques and technologies in an attempt to provide the best customer solution.

•Outbound & Inbound Marketing
Ensuring that the website and marketing campaigns are designed, integrated and optimized to generate leads, convert sales and drive revenue growth.