Time Of Sports: the Game Begins

Yashraj Singh,Founder & CEO

Yashraj Singh

Founder & CEO

From getting rejected to play in a corporate football tournament to organizing a corporate cup later and currently building an ecosystem of ‘Sports for all’ with a vision of a ‘Fit Nation,’ Yashraj Singh and his team at TIME OF SPORTS has come a long way from where it all began in 2013.Today, Time Of Sports provides consultancy services to the sports and fitness sector, conduct sports and fitness related talks and host proprietary like NCR Games, Corp warriors, and Indian Fitness Festival. This year they are bringing the World’s Largest STEM Based Technology Challenge, F1 in Schools™ to India. F1 in Schools™ is an international STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) competition for school children (aged 9-19), wherein groups of 3-6 students design and manufacture a miniature 'F1 Car' out of the official F1 Model Block using CAD/CAM design tools. With the competition making its way to India will open new world of opportunities for our young school students. “With the F1 in Schools™ competition, we shall be developing the strongest minds in the fastest growing country”, says Yashraj Singh, In Country Coordinator, F1 in Schools™ India.

Ready Steady - Make an Impact!
For a country like India, where there is a huge talent pool of hidden talent waiting to be tapped
from a population of over a 100 crore, adequate resources are still not channelled into fitness and sports. TOS believes that it is imperative to promote such events specially to reach out to the talent in the underprivileged echelons of the society.

TOS keeps its focus majorly on reaching and providing a sports platform to any and everybody in India, especially the people who are otherwise excluded from most opportunities

TOS keeps its focus majorly on reaching and providing a sports platform to any and everybody in India, especially the people who are otherwise excluded from most opportunities. Yashraj Singh, Founder & CEO, TIME OF SPORTS throwing light on the seriousness of the issue says “We are looking forward to a nation, where fitness will be considered the most important aspect of people’s daily routine. We want everyone to believe in the healthy future that we have dreamt of. Every child, from every rung of society, will have access to sports and fitness platforms. And, we at TOS will build an empire of Sports Talent Management for the upcoming generation which will play for Gold and not for Government Jobs.”
The company is promoting the concept and importance of Fitness and Sports through multiple touch points and avenues. Right from organizing events, leagues, marathons, host talks, disseminate related knowledge through awareness programmes, enrolling in national and international conferences to discover more about the field. TOS is leveraging on their expertise and knowledge to create a Sports Ecosystem in India. The company has clients across India. Few of them include corporate houses like TOI, HT, Nokia, Accenture, OPTUM and TCS, Govt. bodies like DDA and renowned schools like Lotus Valley International School and the Ambience Public School.

Recently TOS got their first round of investment from Mr. Sandeep Arya, Chairman and MD of a conglomerate of companies, Amtrak Technologies Pvt. Ltd., PrestoInfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Sanvei Overseas Pvt. Ltd. The Group has its presence across Africa, CIS, UAE, and Singapore. This has boosted TOS’s credibility to a whole new level.

Finish Line - A Fit Nation in the Making
Growing 200 percent YoY in terms of revenue, TOS is an evolving Sports Company marking its presence in online as well as on ground sports. The company is destined to become nation’s sports and fitness destination with their clear-cut vision and mission. Enthusiastically concluding the roadmap ahead, Mr. Sandeep Arya, Investor & Mentor, TIME OF SPORTS, says “There will be many innovative products and services from TOS. We will be expanding the existing sports consultancy leg of the company to create an ecosystem of sports for all and fabricate India’s largest grassroots initiatives.”