Rasthetique Home Beauty and Spa: Professional Beauty Services

Nishanth Ravi,FounderThe personal care and cosmetics market in India has had consistent growth over the last decade, with increasing shelf space in boutiques and retail stores across the country. Many multinational brands have entered the Indian market, primarily aid¬ed by dedicated support structure and their respective pricing strategies. The domestic market for personal care products is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 22 percent during the period 2017-2020. Moreover, the market is expected to maintain healthy growth due to rising preference for specialized cosmetic products such as organic herbal and ayurvedic products.

Considering all these factors, Bangalore-based Rasthetique Home Beauty and Spa is planning to gradually move towards alternative and environment friendly products from India. Committed to giving a pleasurable experience to its clients, Rasthetique delivers an assortment of wellness services with affordable prices. “Today, wellness industry is just not about providing beauty services or selling products. It also includes the activities like yoga. In addition to alternate products, we will also keep Luxury services and make it affordable as our customers still demands it. We would also like take advantage of the technology. We plan to use the data from our app/website integrated with Artificial intelligence to predict and analyze the
customer demands and provide the best service with the quality,”explicates the founder.

The sole endeavor of the company is to give highest level of customer service, thereby building a long lasting trust and commitment relationship. Its expertise and professionalism allows it to deliver the utmost wellness experience to clients. “Based on the customer’s preference, we deliver our services. Knowing that everyone wants to look attractive and keep the skin as youthful as possible, we help our clients to look great in every aspect,” he says.

Rasthetique offers a wide variety of services to help clients get the complete makeover and keep themselves properly groomed at all times

The Beginning
I was always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I started with a franchise then I realized the potential and growth of the wellness industry. In franchise, there were limitations and difficult to make an innovation or a change. Hence I decided to venture out with my own company. The company gave opportunity to young people with less experience, trained them. India has the huge shortage of the human resources in wellness industry. It is important we provided more people to the industry. “We followed an AGILE way of working. Bureaucracy was difficult in the beginning but at the later stages I gained lot of knowledge and it was easy to tackle it. Also I took lot of advices from the subject matter expertise of the respective fields,” he narrates.

Today, Rasthetique offers a wide variety of services to help clients get the complete makeover and keep themselves properly groomed at all times. It also happens to provide attractive offers and packages for the customers to help them out with awesome services at affordable prices. The agents are specially trained and are certified to take care of all the beauty needs. “While hiring people we look for best hard skills required for the positions. Even if they lack hard skills if they are motivated we can train them. But what is most important for us is the soft skill. Employees should have customer oriented approach, mindfulness team spirit, adaptable and kindness,”he mentions.

The Growth
At present the company is concentrating in Bangalore as the young population think wellness is an important part of life and also because the spending power of the young population. “We would like to expand and serve other areas of Bangalore,” he mentions.