Torn & Stitched: Empowering Style with Ethical Choices

 Abhishek Singh ,  Co-FounderFashion is undergoing a transformative shift towards sustainability as consumers prioritize eco-friendly choices, driving a surge in sustainable brands. In this dynamic landscape, consumers seek authenticity and style, grappling with ethical concerns posed by the environmental impact of fast fashion and a lack of supply chain transparency. Torn & Stitched leads the charge in sustainable fashion, offering a diverse range of high-quality garments crafted with eco-conscious manufacturing practices. With personalized service driven by AI, the company redefines the fashion landscape with style and responsibility.

Torn & Stitched, founded by the visionary Abhishek Singh, emerged from a deep-rooted dissatisfaction with the wasteful practices of the fast-fashion industry. Abandoning a stable career in engineering, Abhishek assembled a dynamic team of like minded individuals, each sacrificing comfort for the shared mission of creating a sustainable fashion brand. Overcoming initial skepticism from family, Torn & Stitched secured solid financial backing after Abhishek's strategic visit to Sweden, where he presented to prestigious institutions and key stakeholders in the fashion industry. Since its inception, the team has been focusing not only on sustainability but also on realism, imperfection, functionality, and delight in design.

Crafting Sustainable Fashion Stories

Torn & Stitched pioneers sustainable fashion across diverse offerings, encompassing Ethnic, Western, Fusion, and Classical wear. The brand’s meticulously crafted garments cater to young adults aged 16 to 35, striking a balance between high-quality design and responsible manufacturing. With three distinct sub-brands tailored for college
students, semi-premium Indian wear enthusiasts, and those seeking premium Indian Couture, Torn & Stitched delivers a range that aligns with varied tastes. Leveraging cutting edge technology, the company employs machine learning for intent-based selling, ensuring hyper-personalized experiences for customers who share their commitment to sustainable and ethically produced clothing.

Torn & Stitched stands out in the fashion realm through a holistic commitment to sustainability, marrying innovative design with eco-conscious manufacturing practices. Unlike fast fashion, the company eschews wastefulness by meticulously planning and crafting garments, reducing the environmental impact of its creations. The brand’s diverse team of industry misfits, each driven by passion over stability, contributes to a vibrant and creative work culture.

Torn & Stitched's emphasis on intent based selling, utilizing machine learning for personalized customer experiences, showcases a forward thinking approach to e-commerce. By launching sub-brands tailored to specific market segments, the brand exhibits a nuanced understanding of its diverse customer base. The brand follows five fundamental design principles, alongside its sustainability ethos.

The company recognizes the artistic essence of design while ensuring practicality and real-world relevance. Imperfection is embraced as part of the creative process, while clear functionality remains paramount. Each design aims to delight, promising innovation and captivation for its customers.

Torn & Stitched envisions an impactful future by expanding its sustainable fashion footprint. With the impending launch of the main brand in August 2024, the company aims to solidify its position in the middle to semi-premium market. Fueled by robust financial backing, the brand plans to scale responsibly, reaching a team size of 40 within 18 months.

“Our focus remains on leveraging technology, particularly in AI and data analysis, to further enhance personalized customer experiences and ensure the brand's positive environmental impact resonates with a broader audience. Torn & Stitched is poised to lead the charge in transforming fashion into a conscientious, sustainable industry”, concludes Abhishek Singh, Co-Founder.