TOYFLIX: Trusted by Parents as 'Netflix for Toys' with Premium Toy Rental Subscription

Vikram Madhusudhan,  Founder & CEO

Vikram Madhusudhan

Founder & CEO

As they say, parenting is a tough nut, and one of the fussiest characteristics is the learning milestones that the parenting structure of all kinds targets. Right from the early stages, parents dedicatedly try to nurture and develop the child's capability through toys. Based upon the interaction and interest, there is an unavoidable clutter that not only adds up to one’s space but also one’s expenses. TOYFLIX started as a novel idea during the pandemic for saving up space and expenses while also striking learning and growth for kids aged from one year to six years.

Today, TOYFLIX is India’s only STEM & educational toy rental platform clubbed with unique books to help in achieving kids’ early developmental milestones. “We believe that when you're parenting, you don't want to be worrying about what kind of toy will keep your kid happy and engaged you just want them to have fun! So, we created this product so that parents can rent or buy toys from us without worrying about whether or not they'll be safe for their children. Our in-house child psychologist and a Montessori principal have curated 36 different toys and 12 books for each year which are very essential for the kids’ early child developmental milestones”, says Vikram, CEO and Founder.
Vikram is an entrepreneur and a parent too, which definitely boosts the very cause of his dedication to the services of the company. He has a passion for helping parents save money and also help their children develop holistically. In his perspective, renting is a novel approach to toy ownership, but it’s the magic formula to help children absorb everything positive about toys while pushing aside the negative side.

Affordable Rentals
TOYFLIX gives toys that are designed to help kids learn and grow, and develop skills like reading, science, engineering, and math, while also providing them with the joy of exploring new things. The latest product is a toy rental service for kids from 8 months to 8 years old where three toys and a book can be rented at a subscription charge of INR 999 per month. The firm’s mission is to make parenting easier by providing parents with quality products at affordable prices so that every parent can have fun with their kids and deserve a little free time to relax & also save big on their wallet.

TOYFLIX is the Netflix for toys that helps supercharge the learning of a child through the power of play

TOYFLIX has produced 10 percent of toys locally which are wooden toys. These are designed to address the smallest issue of grip development to handeye coordination development right from the age of 1.1 years. As the kid grows, it provides AR books, 3D books, magnetic books, and more. “We are hell-bent on inculcating the habit of reading books from an early age by providing such unique books. Even in this technologically advanced society, we still believe that the knowledge gained from 1 book is equivalent to that from 100 toys”, says Vikram.

Emerging Marketplace For Kids
TOYFLIX offers 36 toys & 12 books in a year worth over INR 90,000 for a subscription of 11,988 for a year, that's like INR 33 or 2 cups of tea per day. TOYFLIX has an inhouse app running to leverage the marketplace to make renting easier. It has close to 1300 subscriptions in less than 10 months without a huge chunk spent on advertisements. With the clear and simple concept play, learn & pass it on, TOYFLIX eventually plans to be a marketplace (e-Commerce) for all the kid's essentials on one platform.