Trak N Tell: Safe Guarding your Vehicle with Smart & Advanced Telematics

Pranshu Gupta,Founder & CEO

Pranshu Gupta

Founder & CEO

The inflow of GPS and such other smart vehicle tracking systems have indeed been instrumental in annihilating the pressing issues like car thefts, misuse and accidents due to reckless driving. But, rewinding to 2007 – an era where the bliss like GPS, mobiles, data card or laptop were not within everyone’s reach – the case was much worse. It was one of such personal experience that pushed Pranshu Gupta – a software engineer and an avid car enthusiast – to amalgamate his knowledge and passion to tailor a platform of endless possibilities to help people keep a tab on their vehicle’s economical and careful use. Evolving in tandem with the technology advancement, his venture Trak N Tell soon emerged into a pioneer in the industry. Today, with nine years of successful operations, 5800+ happy customers and investors like Brian Acton (WhatsApp Co-Founder) & others, Trak N Tell is a formidable name to reckon on.

Inside Intelli7

Owned by Bits N Bytes Soft Private
Limited, an automotive telematics company, Trak N Tell’s solutions
reflect years of R&D and finest and advanced vehicle telematics. The venture derives its strength from its flagship product Intelli7 that strives to make vehicles intelligent, safer and economical, all through the convenience of a small app. The nextgen platform brings a wide range of features to a consumer’s palette over speeding alerts, intelligent vehicle tracking, engine health status, engine immobilizer and geo fence notification, to name a few. In case of accidents or such other emergencies, the panic button transmits the exact location of one’s car to their mobile apps and the smart car automatically calls company’s call center as soon as it senses the impact, who then will redirect the call to the victim’s nearest relatives. The breakthrough also indicates the users about predictive engine failure, preventive maintenance notification and fuel monitoring. “It’s a one-time payment. For Rs.5,999, you will not only get the hardware, but also three years of services,” explains Pranshu, Founder & CEO, Trak N Tell.

Trak N Tell’s flagship product Intelli7 strives to make vehicles intelligent, safer and economical, all through the convenience of a mobile app

Apart from the login ids, passwords, OTPs and other
requisite security parameters, the company ensures that the communication between device, car and its cloud server remain encrypted, there by ensuring data
security. The cloud server is further shielded with firewalls and on the like strong systems.

While its focus is primarily on individual car owners, Trak N Tell’s solutions are also customized to perfectly fit the needs of a family car, two & three-wheelers and automotive or commercial business. “For example, one of our customized solutions, architected for an automotive manufacturer is linked with their infotainment system and warns the operators in their local language,in case of any mechanical failures,” asserts Pranshu.

Fueling the Workmanship

Bound by a startup environment that encourages constructive professional development, the company has retained best of the bests that helps it continue its legacy of leveraging efficient and smart telematics solutions. Highly popular within the NCR region of India and available across 100 stores, Trak N Tell is reared up to launch the product in Bangalore next month, followed by Mumbai and pan-India, graudally. The company is also set to launch its emergency services soon, which aim to provide medical help by arranging for an ambulance and police or roadside assistance in case of any extremity.