Travel Masterz: Empowering Travellers with tailored made Bookings & Comprehensive Choices

Arpita Chaturvedi,Director

Arpita Chaturvedi, Director

It was 2012 when Gurgaon based Travel Masterz came into being. The company was founded by a team of Travel & Tourism expert with more than two decades of experience in the travel & tourism domain, to empower the Indian traveller with tailored made bookings and comprehensive choices. “Having worked at a State Tourism Board and then at an India based travel firm, I realized the huge potential for personalized holidaymakers. With plenty of ideas for popular choices and niche destinations, I zeroed in upon establishing a venture of my own,” speaks Arpita Chaturvedi, Director.

The company began its journey in the India travel market with a vision to provide quality Round-The-World(RTW) travel services to Corporate Clients, Families, NHI clients and management schools & institutes for students exchange programs. The company’s rise has been led by the vision and the spirit of each one of its employees, for whom no idea is too big and no problem too difficult with untiring innovation and determination.

Started with meagre capital and
limited resources, the journey of Travel Masterz has been a bumpy yet fun ride. “As we have always been enhanced services oriented, the feedback, positive word of mouth and return travelers are our strength. It is the service standards that keep us ahead,” mentions Arpita.

" Since inception, Travel Masterz has registered a satisfying growth rate of 20 – 25 per cent and numerous happy travellers "

As a one-stop-travel-shop that offers the broadest selection of travel products and services, the company offers a wide range of services that includes Central down town/well located hotels, private transfers, tours with Live Guides, pleasantries for Special Occasion, 24X7 on-tour assistance, amongst many others. Besides Air-ticket, Visa and other services, it also offers International Sports Packages, Concert packages, Special Interest Holidays, Special Luxury Holidays, Private Charter’s bookings, Event - management’s assistance. “We aim to cater to quality holidays to unique destinations Worldwide with above inclusions and thus we may not offer a Deal in terms of fiscals, but an enhanced experience,” she asserts.

What makes Travel Masterz stand out in the crowd is its personalized services before and during the holiday, 24X7 connectivity during the holiday, comprehensive necessary information including SOS about the destination to every traveller and most importantly the user is kept
connected, informed and happy. “We believe no two travellers are similar thus we do not limit our activities to tour groups but tailor make itineraries to suit client preferences and requests. This allows us to provide dedicated focus to each assignment and deliver an experience that exceeds the expectations of even the most seasoned traveller,” she avers.

The Journey of Thousand Miles
Since inception, the company has registered a satisfying growth rate of 20 – 25 per cent and numerous happy travellers. The company has been catering to PAN India and International travellers and has several TV celebrities and Bollywood actors travelling with them for a long time now. “My Father-in-law Lt. S. C Chaturvedi, also my former partner in the business, was a great support and strength and he always encouraged me to have faith in tough times, and not compromise on quality service element,” she informs.

The company’s geographically expansion is not on the cards as it wishes to remain in control from the centralized control room to avoid false commitments and/or poor service delivery. Narrating the future roadmap, Arpita concludes, “Catering to the newer destination, growing our reach to B and C towns’ travellers, expanding to destination weddings/ themed wedding as a turnkey project, are some of our future plans. We are all set to carve a niche in the industry soon.”