Tritan EV Dock: On a Mission to Grow Indias EV Charging Network

Siddharth Shah, FounderAdequate charging infrastructure is the critical prerequisite that will define EV adoption trends in India. The charging infrastructure is the backbone of electric mobility but is also one of the key perceived barriers to EV adoption in India, given its limited availability and long charging times. Established in 2022, Tritan EV Dock took on this opportunity to grow its EV Charging Station Network to cover every part of India. It is working on setting up an extensive EV Charging Ecosystem that will cater to vehicles of all categories, from private 2W, 4W vehicles, and commercial 2W, 3W, and 4W vehicles to multiaxle transport vehicles in the coming future.

India is picking up the pace in setting up the charging infra but at a slower rate than other regions like European Union (EU), US, or China. High operating costs, Discom load, and the uncertainty related to charging station utilization rates are holding back the charge operators from expanding their current reach. Tritan EV Dock's business model allows it to partner with various stakeholders. Combined with its Charging Management System and automation expertise, it ensures its stakeholders can easily set up and run an EV Charging Station. The brainchild of Siddharth Shah, Tritan EV Dock, was established as a solution to EV owners' problems of inoperative, incompatible, and unavailable charging
docks. “Our top priority is to connect existing EV owners and EV Charging Stations. We want to simplify finding compatible charging stations, reserving slots, and payments through our mobile app and all operators on one app”, speaks Siddharth Shah, Founder of Tritan EV Dock.

One stop solutions to all Charging Needs
EV Dock is a Charge Point Operator running on an app based man less operation module. EV owners only need to register on its EVDOCK app, transfer money into the wallet and charge their vehicles at their convenience. The app allows users to monitor their charging status, check their charging history, locate nearby charging spots, reserve slot booking, and receive notifications when the charging cycle starts and ends, while providing multiple payment options like wallet, credit, debit, and Net Banking. EV Dock's Charging Management System makes owning and managing an EV Charging Station effortless by easing the upkeep and maintenance of an EV Charging Station minimal, eliminating the need for a full time staff to handle operations. Everything can be man aged remotely and is extremely easy to use. All operations are paperless, and all records are stored securely online. "With software, hardware, legal, technical, and infrastructure related expertise, we have everything inhouse to ensure setting up an EV Charging Station is easy”, speaks Siddharth.

EV Dock strives to be the catalyst that drives the revolution in the Indian EV sector and become the most trustworthy CPO for a better, greener, healthier tomorrow

EV Dock offers its clients and customers unmatched reliability. Its module is ready for transitioning to post paid charging for further convenience. Its team of professionals provides 24x7 service and maintenance support. From the software to hardware, it ensures that the facility has zero downtime and it has experts in place to troubleshoot any problem that may arise. Its clients include St. Xavier’s Trust Mumbai, Exotica Group of Hotels, Maurya Restaurants, many single property owners, and more in the pipeline.

Tritan EV Dock is planning to give out vehicle 2W, 3W, 4W to all catering services which can deliver food by no down payment, but only paying for kms run including charging cost.It plans on installing superfast chargers of 180-240 KW across India. It will venture into manufacturing the DC machines, with funding from a German company, becoming both CPO and manufacturer.