TRRINGO: Revolutionizing Agriculture through Digital Transformation

Atindriya Bose,CEOThe journey of TRRINGO began with a noble idea to transform the lives of farmers in India. The company is known to provide the farmers a seamless access to better farm mechanization equipment that is on demand and pay per use. When it comes to farming, the timely access to the right farm mechanization equipment is one of the critical inputs for increasing yield and ultimately increasing farmer’s income. So, ensuring access to service and discovery of better farm mechanization practices or implements are the key areas which TRRINGOis currently addressing. “The challenge is always, how we meet our customer’s need at SCALE and without compromising on User Experience,” speaksAtindriya Bose, CEO,TRRINGO.

Seamlessly foraying into the newer horizon, the subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra, TRRINGO has carved a niche for itself in this unique space by heavily investing in technology. The company takes immense pride in being an early entrant showing courage to create a digital solution in the rural agricultural market. More evidently, they understand that the major pain points of the rural settings in terms of farmers’ adoption, smartphone penetration, and network conditions that have to be fully accounted for in creating the relevant digital service. Interestingly, they have been successful in implementing a unique approach of solving Farm Mechanization problems. In fact, TRRINGO has understood the relevance of the role of Digital solution and its outcome – fully aware of the Physical nature of the final solution to the farmer while making it easier for them to co-ordinate digitally to access the solution.

Sowing the seeds of modern day farming, the company’s key differentiator, today, is its completely integrated Digital – Physical approach, where TRRINGO has created the best end-to-end solution for the farmers. “We are a perfect blend of digital disruption and rural transformation, like our tagline states, now farmers can simply call a tractor or rent one with just a few clicks!,” exclaims Arvind Kumar, COO, TRRINGO.

Tractor on the Go! – A Platform for Sustainable Farm Mechanization
Some of the unique and key differentiating factors of TRRINGO are - it is creating a shared economy for farm mechanization by making farm equipment available to the smallest of farmers on a pay-per-use basis. This way it provides the right to farm mechanization to even those farmers who currently cannot afford tractors. Alongwith this, the company ensures high quality of work at affordable price. Additionally, for farmers who own tractors, TRRINGO provides an option to increasing utilization of their current assets (tractors) by aggregating their inventory onto their platform. And, since tractor owners usually own only a part of the crop cycle implements, they also get access to all implements on the TRRINGO platform including the advanced ones. Most important of all, TRRINGO has created employment in rural areas by recruiting local talent as hub managers & operators (drivers). With this, TRRINGO is adding value to the entire rural ecosystem and is creating sustainable farm mechanization for the farmers in their areas of service.
Fostering the Culture of Collaboration &Innovation
Working in a rigorous agriculture segment and trying to create a digital intervention requires a deep passion to create an impact in such a large section of the economy. In fact, TRRINGO has been created with a deep-rooted passion to transform lives of a large segment of farmers and create a higher level of income potential for them. More vividly, patience is another key operative word which drives everyone in TRRINGO to constantly create deeper consumer understanding, identify insights, amend solutions and deploy them in rural markets. So, every step is fraught with own challenges and needs meticulous attention to execute smartly.

Amidst all this, in creating a more efficient organized segment for pay-per-use Farm Mechanization service market, every personnel needs to have a flexibility of thought processes and continuous problem-solving attitude. As an organization, sense of freedom, responsibility and accountability for every member drive the sense of belonging to TRRINGO. At TRRINGO, every new idea is welcome, every success is recognized, and every new way is shared and institutionalized on their merits. In short – the organization is geared to allow everyone to be able to make a difference – and this is what is cherished by everyone involved with TRRINGO. Above all, a culture of collaboration is another key characteristic which drives TRRINGO with better work, better result & continuous innovations.

Most importantly, TRRINGO is all about giving an opportunity to farmers to access advantages of mechanization in a cost-efficient manner. “We are not only transforming lives but changing a long-standing attitude about farming practices. When we end up witnessing such transformation of farmer lives in pockets we are operative, the sense of satisfaction establishes TRRINGO as the best place to work for,” mentions Arvind Kumar, COO, TRRINGO.

Being a player in Farm & Agriculture segment, TRRINGO is always in the forefront of collaborating with impact investors, NGOs and organizations looking to create a significant difference in Farmers’ lives. Recently, a major milestone was achieved, end of last fiscal, where the company completed 125,000 hours of Rental operations across 1100+ villages, since inception. This was celebrated across every regional office of TRRINGO, as well as in village level hubs to commemorate the milestone. In addition to this, there was an internal competition of various unique best practices, and experiences from the field of best ones were rewarded and shared digitally across the group. This particular milestone was covered by local media house and was shared across various social media channels.

Roadmap Ahead of TRRINGO
Today, with its operations spread across five states; Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan, and with more than 100+ hubs, TRRINGO has already achieved what they set out to. And the team believes that this is just the beginning of a major agricultural revolution and TRRINGO is ready for it.

Ravi Padaki, CTO, TRRINGO,
elaborating on the major advancements, speaks “We have already launched a new TRRINGO Marketplace Platform that provides a suite of web apps for business support users including Call center Agents, Operations, and Marketing. And, we have also launched Android apps for farmers called TRRINGO to book orders, track live status and mechanization expenses. In addition to this, we have two additional mobile apps on the supply side. TRRINGOBiz is for local market operators, who want to manage their entire business on the go! TRRINGO Partner is a Field Service Management app for our hub managers.”
Further adding to this, Atindriya, concludes “From a technical point of view, additionally, we focus on two separate areas of innovation that we continuously keep an eye on - newer forms of implements and Mechanization solutions in line with crop cycle specific to the markets along with digital features and the simplifications to allow higher operational efficiency.”

The Brains behind TRRINGO
Atindriya Bose, CEO, TRRINGO
He has 22 years of experience in Consumer Products & Digital businesses spanning Consumer Electronics, e-Commerce, and Digital Media. He has been involved in Digital commerce businesses since 2003 and has helped establish a range of businesses in India with and Sony PlayStation.

With TRRINGO, he envisages to introduce Digital innovation into high impact areas of Indian Agriculture. He leads the technology development strategy as well as business operations to establish TRRINGO to enhance access to Farm Mechanization by Indian farmers.

Ravi Padaki, CTO, TRRINGO
Ravi has 20+ years of experience in the software products industry. He has worked in Silicon Valley, California for a majority of his career before moving to India a few years back. Also,Ravi has held various positions including Engineering management, Product Management & Marketing and until recently was a coach and mentor to several product start-ups in the Indian product ecosystem. Few of the companies Ravi has worked for are Sybase, Provato (a startup that was acquired), Ofoto (Kodak), Snap fish (HP), and Yahoo R&D in Bangalore. At TRRINGO, Ravi heads Products & technology to create a customer-centric organization that delivers outstanding user experiences and innovation for the rural segment.

Arvind Kumar, COO, TRRINGO
He has over 28 years of experience with technical and knowledge expertise in different business solutions like Design & development, Business Strategies, Strategic Marketing, Planning, Business Development, Commercials, Finance, Sourcing, Human Resource and General Management.

Prior to joining Mahindra & Mahindra, he has been associated with various organization in varying capacities with both National and Multinational companies, including and not limited to, spearheading the Sales and Marketing activities and bringing transformational changes in companies lime SAME Deutz-Fahr (a tractor manufacturing company) and Simpsons (One of the leading Engine Manufacturers). His last assignment was with LEMKEN, a premier Agriculture Implement Company, as MD & CEO. Also, he is recognized as Most Talented Rural Marketing Professional by SMO Asia for the year 2015, which was conferred with the Udyog Rattan award by the Institute of Economic Studies (IES) New Delhi.

As COO, Arvind drives the performance measuring for the operations to align the operation team in cascading the organization strategy/mission.