True Power- True power By Jiothings: Encouraging EV Adoption by Offering Seamless & Reliable Charging Experience

 Anantha Bhargava Gollapalli,  Founder & MDElectric vehicle sales in India may be a small portion of total automotive sales, but they are rapidly increasing. In fact, according to the findings of a survey conducted by Smallcase Technologies-Windmill Capital, a SEBI registered Research Analyst, 43 electric vehicle startups in India have raised $673 million (Rs 5,494 crores) in 2022 and counting. The startups include participants from every stage of the value chain for electric vehicles, from OEMs to battery providerscharging infrastructure, and ride hailing businesses.

Established in 2018, Enercent Technologies with its brand True-Power by JioThings provides an EV Charging Platform designed to address the issues faced by EV Users, Infrastructure/Real Estate Owners, and Power Producers on a unified platform with high availability and dependability using utility grade Cloud Services. "We started with an Energy first approach and we built this Utility grade cloud for all things energy as the first step. With the 'plumbing work' in place, we customized our Energy as a Service Platform to solve fundamental usability problems for EV Owners and Fleet Operators", shares Anantha Bhargava Gollapalli. Truepower creates exceptional EV solutions with a primary focus on increasing brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Sustainable Mobility & Charging Infrastructure
TruePowers entire line of products and services is designed for maximum availability and dependability. The solutions with its purpose built Energy Cloud, are aimed at
purpose built Energy Cloud, are aimed at making EV charging a certainty, every time, rather than a possibility/ option, or trial and error technique, to significantly accelerate EV adoption. "We offer Truepower Platform for EV Users/Fleet Owners, Real Estate/Infrastructure Owners, and Destinations/Malls. With our Smart Contracts Feature, soon, users will be able to use only certified renewable energy to charge their EVs. That, we believe is the biggest step in being truly carbon neutral and creating a positive impact” says Bhargava. Currently, Truepowers EV chargers are only available in captive sites for closed EV user groups. However, the increasing demand for electric vehicles has encouraged Truepower to now put in place a robust network of EV charging infrastructure in multiple locations to meet the needs of hosts and EV users.

Increased adoption of electric vehicles has encouraged TruePower to put in place a robust network of EV charging infrastructure in multiple locations

The Truepower app accommodates the mobile lifestyle of EV drivers it allows drivers to find and reserve charging stations wherever they are, and whenever required. Truepower uses cutting edge technology to ensure customers have a simple and convenient charging experience. The platform also supports several other significant electric vehicle chargers that are now operational in India. Truepower's unique selling proposition is that it strives to develop quality solutions that are secure, reliable, durable, and automated for customer convenience. Truepower has a skilled workforce that works as a team, bringing together their passion and purpose to make a difference, striving for nothing less than excellence, and consistently delivering exceptional performance. "We prioritize collaboration in the pursuit of professional and personal excellence by cultivating a culture that promotes inclusiveness, teamwork, and an entrepreneurial mindset", says Bhargava. Truepower takes great satisfaction in establishing an exciting workplace culture that is agile and high performing.

Truepower experienced tremendous growth in 2022 and is anticipating that 2023 will also be a pivotal year for the platform. "In December 2022, Keltron (The Electronics Department of The Kerala Government) became one of our key clients. We also hired distributors and resellers all over India, and we expect our customer base to grow more than 100 percent year over year” signs off Anantha. With its full fledged product/service solutions, including Battery as a Service and DC Fast Charging Hardware, Truepower anticipates creating a considerable amount of value for its clients and emerging as India's leading EV charging platform, soon.