Trueblue Advisory: Transforming Customer Experience with Innovative Branding Solutions

  Richa Telang,   FounderAs the job market becomes increasingly competitive, businesses of all sizes are prioritizing the attraction and retention of top talent. To achieve this, many organizations are turning to employer branding and talent branding, one such company making waves in the industry is Trueblue Advisory, a bespoke employer branding and talent brand firm that was established in 2018. With its headquarters located in Bangalore and additional offices in Delhi, Singapore, and Dubai, True Blue Advisory is gaining recognition for its innovative approach to building successful employer and talent brands.

Trueblue Advisory was established to fulfill the industry's demand for high quality advisory services. Trueblue Advisory offers clients a comprehensive suite of services, from roadmap development and strategy formulation to plan implementation and result measurement, setting them apart from competitors. The boot-strapped company's profitable track record over the past five years is due to its commitment to delivering value to clients, overcoming challenges, and doing more with less.

Consultative Approach to Providing Solutions
TRUEBLUE ADVISORY is a well regarded consulting company that provides clients with a unique approach to enhancing its brand and talent branding by offering a blend of advertising and consulting services, specializing in employer branding. The
company's full stack approach, which includes talent market diagnosis, strategy, program management, execution, and account ability for results, is one of its defining features. TRUEBLUE ADVISORY delivers a full suite of corporate branding services, spanning event planning and execution, internal communication management, mass media campaign execution, end-to-end recruitment services, and potent social media marketing. The company helps clients to create a unique employee value proposition for global companies, rebrand the talent narrative, and assist in talent attraction and retention. "TRUEBLUE ADVISORY's consultative approach to providing tailored solutions and ethical practices has attracted clients from various industries, ranging from multinational corporations and investment houses to unicorn startups and traditional Indian companies", speaks Richa Telang.

A Magnet for Top Talent & Clients
TRUEBLUE ADVISORYs market position is reinforced by its core team's diverse expertise, which encompasses employee learning and development, and its comprehensive management of the company's various operational aspects, setting them apart from competitors. To facilitate employee learning and development, TRUEBLUE ADVISORY encourages employees to learn through experience and exposure to various clients. Additionally, the company fosters a culture of trust and ownership, where employees take responsibility for their own work while receiving guidance and support from the company.

TRUEBLUE ADVISORY invests in employee learning by providing quarterly budgets for professional development. The company recognizes that its people are crucial for attracting and retaining top talent, and its unique culture has a magnetic effect on employees and clients. To ensure cultural fit, TRUE BLUE ADVISORY prioritizes hiring individuals who align with the companys values and evaluates core aspects of its culture during interviews. By embracing self-management and minimizing the bureaucratic burden for employees, the company fosters an environment that supports its team's success.

Diversity and Inclusion through Meritocracy
TRUEBLUE ADVISORY invests in employee development and supports career growth, resulting in some employees moving on to larger organizations while maintaining its reputation as an employee-centric organization. The company's culture is guided by four principles: respect for each other, client obsession, solution mindset, and team members' humility and groundedness. The company's leadership leads by example and upholds a strong work culture, leveraging its diverse teams in various cities and countries to succeed. TRUEBLUE ADVISORY prioritizes its values and ethics, making it an excellent model for building diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces.