Truetalent: Transforming Corporate Recruitment, One Step At A Time

  Ansuman Pattanaik,    FounderIndia's entrepreneurial climate is undergoing a substantial transformation as a result of the government's many pro-business efforts. There has been a huge surge in startup ecosystem activity, particularly in the SME and MSE areas. However, their greatest issue has been hiring the right people, who are the most valuable asset for any growing business. Today, the majority of job portals offering talent on their platform primarily target big firms, making it difficult for small companies to afford the platforms and the expense of finding personnel untenable for SMEs and MSMEs. Also, without a choice when subscribing to any of the employment sites, one is required to purchase huge bundled service packs. Despite the fact that there is an abundance of talent in the Indian market, there is still a big gap between the demand and supply of cost-effective human resources for smaller firms.

TRUETALENT was founded with the objective of developing an end-to-end recruiting platform that can meet the needs of companies, particularly SMBs, and MSMEs. TRUETALENT was conceptualized, designed, and developed using Recruitment-as-a-Service(RaaS) as the central idea.

"We provide our client partners with solutions that are efficient, effective, and economical. Our services as part of TRUETALENT Essential are absolutely free so organizations may post job openings,look for applicants, and communicate with them without incurring any costs. In fact, we have built-in tools within our platform that allow companies to communicate seamlessly with applicants. Only for value-added services, such as advertising and hiring campaigns, do client partners pay a minimum fee, which is the lowest in the industry," says Ansuman Pattanaik, Founder and Brain behind TRUETALENT.

Bridging the Gap
Startups and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) use diverse recruiting strategies based on their company's growth phase and seek distinct types of resources at separate phases. TRUETALENT provides two major service offerings, namely "TRUETALENT Essential" and "TRUETALENT Gig," to accommodate this shift in the whole notion of employing resources.

If a company wants to recruit someone on a permanent basis, it may utilise TRUETALENT Essential to connect with candidates searching for full time employment, with all TRUETALENT Essential features being provided at no cost.

Moreover, as the Indian workforce shifts to a more relaxed and growth-oriented work culture with a better work-life balance, job seekers are no longer looking for a single permanent position. Rather, they are adopting a mindset in which they seek multiple assignments, participate in multiple projects, and acquire a variety of skills in a short period of time. In essence, the ethos of gig employment is permeating the Indian job landscape. Consequently, TRUETALENT has created a second service offering known as TRUETALENT Gig. This feature enables job seekers to choose from many parallel career paths. It works best for companies too as that allows them to acquire the top talent with the appropriate experience and skills for a fraction of the cost of employing them as full time staff.

In recent years, layoffs have become a typical occurrence for a significant number of workers. While huge corporations seek to increase their profitability by laying off some of their brightest employees, the startup
ecosystem and smaller organizations want to recruit these talents who have previously been validated by a large corporation. Understanding this, TRUETALENT has developed a unique offering in which employment opportunities are exclusively accessible for those affected by layoffs. When creating their resume, an individual can include choosing to mention “Impacted by layoff”. Therefore, when an employer looks for resumes, he is able to filter for prospects who have been laid off. This would be a win-win scenario for both companies and job searchers since both want to hire and be recruited as soon as possible while minimizing the social stigma associated with layoffs in the initial days of retrenchment.

To assure the validity and integrity of applicants' resumes on the platform, the back-end engine of TRUETALENT is powered by sophisticated machine learning technology. The platform is built upon state of-the-art business logic that comprehends the present ebb and flow of time. Algorithms and approaches driven by AI find and match job needs and applicant credentials in real-time. The past two and a half years have been dedicated to developing this intuitive recruitment platform. Team TRUETALENT is continually integrating and developing capabilities to provide the highest levels of data privacy, security, and confidentiality for both employers and job seekers.

Truetalent is a robust recruitment-as-a-service platform that is solely envisaged to provide allen compassing recruitment solutions at the most affordable price by bridging the gap between employers & talent in the most seamless manner

Spearheading Company’s Growth Bandwagon
TRUETALENT is backed by a team of seasoned professionals who are motivated with a strong pedigree when it comes to industry knowledge. The company’s growth bandwagon is being steered by two evangelists Ansuman Pattanaik, Co-Founder and Managing Director, and Manoj Sethi, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of TRUETALENT. Ansuman has over 20 years of experience in the IT business and has held a variety of positions during his career. Before founding TRUETALENT, he was the head of HR for India and APAC for a prominent IT business. Ansuman has exceptional expertise in talent acquisition, talent management, team expansion, and overall company management. Manoj is a technology evangelist with over two decades of experience leading large IT teams for some of the world's major banks. He is responsible for combining cutting-edge technology with the platform's fundamental business operations to guarantee its robustness.

In addition, TRUETALENT has some of the brightest minds working behind the scenes as advisors, who help TRUETALENT scale up faster and be a leader of change in the Indian job market. Mihir Kumar and Manas Ranjan, who have over 50 years of combined expertise, are Product Strategists. Their extensive expertise as startup enthusiasts and participants in early-stage firms with a deep level of knowledge in market penetration strategies, and cross border growth plans aids in placing TRUETALENT on the right course.

"We wanted to create something that would considerably aid smaller enterprises in reaching out to candidates since a large number of these organizations struggle to attract talent. Paradoxically, there is the unemployment rate that always remains high and the educated mass remains unemployed. How can we overcome this disconnect? As we saw the need for a platform that can effectively link these two stakeholders we sought to develop a product that would provide the optimal answer to the aforementioned issues. This is how the conceptual process of TRUETALENT came to be," explains Ansuman.

An Innovation-Driven Roadmap Ahead
Moving ahead, TRUETALENT will concentrate on releasing "TT Pro," its next offering. As TT Essential provides free services to smaller businesses and is geared towards them, TT Pro is designed to meet the recruiting needs of major enterprises. It is an end-to-end recruiting solution from candidate sourcing to onboarding; a complete recruitment solution with a single-window solution. In addition, the platform would bridge the gap between colleges and corporates, providing students with the necessary exposure and access to businesses as eager freshmen.

"As a RaaS platform, we will continuously endeavor to improve our capabilities in order to foster the required innovation in the recruiting sector. We want to give our customers a streamlined platform where they can conduct a complete recruiting process with every available recruitment -related element," shares Ansuman.