Undaku: 'SaaS-iest' No Code/Low Code Open Sorce Development Platform

 Dhanilan,    CEOThe low-code development platform market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 25.26 percent from 2022-2027 to reach a cap of $64.56 billion by 2026, according to Expert Market Research. The Lowcode/Nocode movement is not a passing cloud and is here to stay. Leadership teams globally have recognized the trend and the dire need for a platform that levels up their digital transformation gambit. The global demand for IT skills, increasing costs, the need for quick go to market, and like, are some factors driving the growth of no-code platforms.

Undaku Core To Extend & Go Beyond
Established in 2019 and headquartered in Kochi, Undaku is the `SaaS-iest' open-Source no-code platform for building highly scalable modern applications. It is the only platform where users can build highly complicated data-driven logical apps and deploy and manage them as a SaaS application. Being build on an open source framework, Undaku core allows the customers the desired freedom and flexibility to extend and go above and beyond to fulfill their market needs., BARQ Group Qatar, Giglabz, and Surplus CRM are some of the renowned names on the client list.

The founding team at Undaku has expertise in building large scale systems at various global organizations."The insight that most of the development efforts can be accelerated by building platforms like Undaku encouraged the team to build it. This also would help the developers to focus on solving better problems than re inventing the wheel", says the CEO, Dhanilan.

We focus on adding more advanced integrations and AI& ML capabilities, increasing adoption, and building a community for our users

The core team comes from a very resourceful background and experience. Haneefa, COO, who has served the industry for 15+ years, has rich product operations and managerial experience. Navas, who has global experience in Sales and business development in Sales, runs the growth and revenue as CRO. Dhanilan and Mahesh come with 10+ years of software development, building highly scalable systems for various product companies, and function as CEO and CTO, respectively.

Onboarding Developers In The Open-Source Platform
Undaku is an end-to-end platform that allows its customers to build, deploy and scale their products without any boundaries with the best core features. Page/Form Designer allows to drag and drop from a rich set of controls and elements to build exciting pages and forms. Workflows and Events feature allows to let add complex business logic and workflow automation. Reporting & Charts allows to create analytical reports on the data in the system and visualize it. User management allows to apply information security on forms, records, and fields to users, groups, and roles. The other features include print templates, export as pdf, and import records. SaaS studio lets deploy, manage and scale application built on top of Undaku into the SaaS world.

Undaku has accomplished a successful journey since its start in the market and has gained traction across the globe in UAE, Qatar, US, and India as well. It is all set to open source the core platform for developers to use the core framework, build their applications, and extend the platform.